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Doctor Who - ThrowgnCpr - 07-13-2014

full(ish) trailer finally out:

Doctor Who - TM2YC - 07-13-2014

I really hope the sentiment expressed by this trailer is born out in the actual series e.g. "...Into Darkness"

Doctor Who - hebrides - 07-13-2014

I hope so too, and the rumblings I have heard suggest that Capaldi may bring a darker edge to the series...I watched The Musketeers primarily for him, and there were a couple of moments in that where he let his inner beast out that were actually quite chilling in an otherwise (I thought) middle-of-the-road-but-enjoyable series. I got the same feeling in The Hour when his very, very controlled character let loose in one scene. A little bit of that would go a long way here -- if his Doctor is a combination of 1, 3, and 4, with maybe a bit of 9 (as I've heard some suggest), I think it could be riveting.

I know he met Pertwee as a teenager when Pertwee was the Doctor, and he's remained a very close friend of the family (and references/emulates him in both his costume and promo photos), so I hope his portrayal brings some of Pertwee's combination of warmth, action, and righteous indignation...Pertwee is Mrs. Heb's favorite, and one of mine...

BTW, must agree with those who ask for no spoilers, especially since a black and white, unfinished copy of the first episode has now leaked in addition to the five scripts.

Doctor Who - Zarius - 07-14-2014

I peeked at my christmas presents again. I have no willpower:-(

No spoilers, but expect great things from Capaldi.

Doctor Who - matrixgrindhouse - 07-14-2014

And here I was thinking I'd never associate something positive with the words "Into Darkness" ever again. Happy to be wrong about that!

Doctor Who - bionicbob - 08-11-2014

Series premiere teaser....

Doctor Who - bionicbob - 08-13-2014

So over the past year or so, I have been slowly picking the original Doctor Who on dvd, re-educating myself on the classic lore.

So far, I have acquired....

On TM2YC recommendation I attempted to order BATTLEFIELD, but it must be out of print or something, as none of my usual supplies have it in stock and those that do, the price is super expensive. The same with THE TWO DOCTORS and INVASION.

So today I ordered,

While I await for those to arrive, I am already looking at other titles to maybe order but I am still a baby in the Whoverse.

What would you recommend I order? What are MUST HAVES in the Who Pantheon? Smile

Doctor Who - matrixgrindhouse - 08-13-2014

I still have a loooong way to go through the classic series, but I do have some Hartnell era recommendations:

An Unearthly Child - Really just the first episode, though. The very beginning is pretty interesting. The other three episodes are just a boring adventure with stupid cavemen.

The Daleks - "That's sheer murder!" "No. It is... extermination." They really hit the ground running with this one. As with the rest of the era, pacing is glacial, but there's a lot of great stuff that's worth the wait.

The Dalek Invasion of Earth: Even better than its predecessor. Got kind of a Terminator sort of vibe to it in places.

The Romans: Genuinely funny. A particularly lighthearted adventure that really showcases how much the First Doctor changed as a character.

The Space Museum... kind of. It's a really dull, forgettable story. There's some interesting proto-Moffat timeline shenanigans, but they don't use their concepts to the full potential. But the real highlight is an amazing piece of whimsy on the Doctor's part that really drives home the child-like nature the character can have at times. I could just as easily see Matt Smith doing the same thing.

The Chase: Overly silly, some may not care for it. But there's a part where Frankenstein's monster fights Daleks while Dracula watches and laughs it up. If that doesn't catch your interest, skip it.

The Time Meddler: Sets some cool precedents. Good antagonist. Serves as a good companion piece to the Aztecs when it comes to the concept of altering history.

The War Machines: If you can get past the fact that they keep calling the main character "Doctor Who', it's got some of Hartnell's more heroic moments, and a pretty innovative/prescient plot for the time.

The Tenth Planet: Enter the Cybermen, exit the First Doctor.

If you're interested in reconstructions of missing or mostly-missing stories, I'd recommend:

Mission to the Unknown: An ancient predecessor to today's online prequels, it sets up the Daleks Masterplan. Only story to not feature The Doctor, The Tardis, nor any companions whatsoever.

The Myth Makers: The Trojan War, in the same comedic style as The Romans.

The Daleks' Masterplan: My favorite Hartnell story. It's a shame that so little of it still exists. A twelve episode long epic. Besides a time and space transcending race against... time, we've got the coincidental return of another villain in the midst of it, superweapons, disguises, weird aliens, convicts, legitimately shocking drama... and the first (and unfortunately offensive) Christmas Special.

The Massacre: The main plot here's pretty dry, and there's a plot convenience/coincidence that's really lame. But the ending is one of the most intense introspective moments in The Doctor's history.

Doctor Who - hebrides - 08-13-2014

matrixgrindhouse Wrote:The Chase: Overly silly, some may not care for it. But there's a part where Frankenstein's monster fights Daleks

Wait, what?!?! Seriously, it's already been done in the Whoniverse? And I thought I was on to something new with my (proposed) War Doctor edit of Frankenstein Unbound. I should have known...I have a feeling what I have in mind might be done a bit more seriously than this sounds like it was, but still...

In terms of "must haves," Bob, I would say that just about anything with Jon Pertwee facing off against Roger Delgado as The Master is up there. They're so, so good together, and Delgado's death was a real blow both to Pertwee and the show. The Daemons is particularly good, as is The Mind of Evil. I recall Inferno being an exceptional Pertwee episode too, but it's been many years since I saw it.

For Tom Baker, I love The Talons of Weng Chiang -- extremely atmospheric and shows the Doctor as (essentially) Sherlock Holmes. There are some bits that are in questionable taste in retrospect, but it features Leela (a genuine badass female companion) and the really rather delightful Victorian-era duo of Jago and Lightfoot.

For Troughton, I'd definitely recommend the newly-discovered The Enemy of the World. It was widely thought to be just so-so when all that existed was one episode and audio for the rest, but it's a really great adventure featuring remarkable dual performances by Troughton (who was an exceptional character actor before and after being The Doctor).

Doctor Who - bionicbob - 08-13-2014

What about the recent release WEB OF FEAR??? This is the first appearance of UNIT and the Brig, correct? Not to mention the Great Intelligence and the Yeti? I have heard the Yeti referenced many times but have never seen it... and as you may know, I am big Ape fan... lol.

Has anyone picked this one up or seen the episode?