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Doctor Who - Zarius - 12-25-2013

Love from Gallifrey boys!

One you happen to know how to fly this thing?

Doctor Who - matrixgrindhouse - 12-25-2013

That was beautiful. It hurt - but not as much as I was expecting it to. It was a glorious sendoff for Matt. They tied up the loose threads from his run nicely, at that. Looking forward to Capaldi's season.

So... Tasha Lem, huh? Romantic past with the Doctor, can fly the Tardis... why do I suspect that he's found a new body for River's consciousness?

Doctor Who - hebrides - 12-26-2013

Many, many cool bits here. Just a few off the top of my head:

1. Moffat actually managed to tie up most of the loose ends -- not quite all, but a lot more than I would have thought possible in an hour.
2. The return of Amy. Nice touch to have young Amy there as well, though I suspect we saw a different actress playing her, since Karen Gillan's cousin has aged several years since we first saw young Amy. Funny to think that both Matt and Karen were wearing wigs in that scene, though Karen's was apparently made from her own hair. Nice bit of Moffat meta-commentary, too, that the wig we all know Matt Smith was wearing turned out to be a wig The Doctor was wearing.
3. Very interesting to see regeneration energy used as a weapon -- and it's worth noting that Matt technically got two regeneration scenes in the episode.
4. Half expected Clara to reveal the Doctor's name, since it is strongly implied she read it in the History of the Time War. Of course, the past three episodes plus the McGann minisode have led up to the idea that The Doctor really is all the name he needs.
5. Matt Smith's incarnation has now aged 500 years (200 in his "farewell tour" before Lake Silencio, 300 guarding the town), which is the length of a full 500 Year Diary. Nice nod to Troughton, his favorite classic Doctor.
6. Clever clever clever to age Matt Smith, not just to make Capaldi seem comparatively young, but also to make it that much easier for Smith to return for literally decades without having to explain away his changing appearance as fans have had to do with Troughton, Davison, McCoy, et al (McGann's a special case, since he was only seen once before and apparently doesn't age anyway!). And, since Moffat has stated that one of his goals was to pave the way for the 100th anniversary episode, he's also potentially left the door open for Matt, the youngest actor ever to play The Doctor, to actually appear in that episode!
7. I wonder if they had to alter Smith's costume at all for Capaldi...they do seem to be very, very close in overall proportions to one another.

Doctor Who - matrixgrindhouse - 12-26-2013

I was also really amused that...

The aging Eleventh Doctor - believing himself to be at the end of all his lives, wound up returning to the First Doctor's hairstyle. Perhaps he was trying to remind himself of his youth? Ah, so timey-wimey.

Doctor Who - LastSurvivor - 12-26-2013

Not a bad send off for matt. Some of his best acting, particularly toward the end of the story. It felt somehow quite personal and small, even though the overall scale of the story was epic. If only Tennant's farewell had as much class. Gonna watch it again later today

Doctor Who - matrixgrindhouse - 12-26-2013

Doctor Who - bionicbob - 12-26-2013

Overall very enjoyable, and I must admit I got a bit teary during the last 10 minutes or so, a very touching send-off.

A very jammed packed episode, maybe too much... as some parts felt very rushed, important emotional/dramatic moments (for example, the Doctor teaming up with the Silence) glossed over with voice over narration. But I am impressed how many storylines Moffet was able to tie up, even if it was through exposition....

All in all, very impressive. Not as perfect as the 50th, but still a wonderful closing chapter.

Doctor Who - matrixgrindhouse - 12-26-2013

Emotionally, I'm taking this much better than I thought I would. I think it all boils down to the presentation and context. The End of Time was like having a knife in your gut, twisted for two hours. The Time of The Doctor was a fireworks display that culminated in a bandaid being ripped off. Painful, yes. But so much quicker. So much easier to cope with.

Doctor Who - Zarius - 12-27-2013

bionicbob Wrote:I am impressed how many storylines Moffet was able to tie up, even if it was through exposition....

I think exposistion is all you ever really need sometimes with over-complicated storylines. Worked a charm when Galactica did it with Anders, it leaves more room for the imagination than a visual aid

Doctor Who - addiesin - 01-08-2014

I came up with a theory that kind of wraps other theories together and explains some stuff. I held off from posting it here to make sure that the 50th and Xmas specials didn't contradict anything. Let me know what you guys think:

This spans from classic Who to the tv movie and up to Tennant’s run if not later. It explains a few things.
The Doctor was a Gallifreyan, an alien to us on Earth. That is, he was until…

Ace goes on after her adventures with Doctor 7 to become the first non-Gallifreyan Time Lord. She later meets a man known to us as The Other and the two of them become a couple. They marry and live on Gallifrey, but to avoid persecution from the increasingly agitated (Gallifreyan) Time Lords, they travel back into the planet’s relative past, settle down, and have a child.

This child is half human, on his mother’s side. They name him after their illegal paradox of a trip as a reminder of how fragile time and space really are, but cannot give his name to anyone. As he grows older, he takes on the name Sigma Theta, and eventually, through encouragement, takes on his own moniker as ‘The Doctor’. Thus Ace fulfills the ‘greatness’ Seven saw in her, and the Eighth Doctor doesn’t lie in the TV Movie.

Then the Time War happens. Time is rewritten over and over, Ace and The Other are lost to time, and The Doctor’s origins are rewritten with it all, rendering him a full Gallifreyan again. You see, he NEEDS to exist because he has been a crucial part of several “fixed points” in time/space, thus no matter his origins, the universe, the Time Lords, or perhaps even the time stream with help from the Tardis makes sure he exists, no matter what his origin is.

The next time we see Ace, it is in the episode End of Time, where she has been caught by Rassilon. She and another unnamed Time Lord/Lady are punished for their crimes by way of transformation into (possibly the first) Weeping Angels. The two are sent to the beginning of time to become the Weeping Angels of old, where there is no way for the Angels to “feed” (they feed by sending people back in time, remember) and thus their suffering begins. As stone, they can never die (like Time Lords).

So yes, the Woman is the Doctor’s mother. But is also Ace. And she’s human. And she’s a Time Lord. And it’s all wibbly wobbly timey wimey.