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Doctor Who - TM2YC - 11-23-2013

bionicbob Wrote:Very enjoyable, informative and heartfelt. I loved the cameo at the end -- Hartnell's legacy ensured.

It was fantastic wasn't it.

Mark Gatiss can do no wrong, the man is a genius. It was 99% perfect for me (The 1% being Reece Shearsmith's cameo at the end as Troughton). Jessica Raine was bloody marvellous as Verity Lambert, need to see more starring roles for this actress. All the panoramic shots of Television Center looking mighty felt sad. Mint green Tardis looked great...

[Image: 1004626_678170015530362_2123956880_n.jpg]

Doctor Who - matrixgrindhouse - 11-23-2013

Just finished watching the docudrama. Very touching stuff, very heartfelt. Their attention to detail was extraordinary.

Doctor Who - matrixgrindhouse - 11-23-2013

And even if there's no lost episode recovery, we at least got this - a recreation of the (in)famous fourth wall break from The Feast of Steven - the episode least likely to ever be recovered.

Hm... needs a little work, though. *edits...*

Doctor Who - matrixgrindhouse - 11-23-2013

There we are.

Doctor Who - matrixgrindhouse - 11-23-2013

Fifteen minutes! Enjoy, everyone!

Doctor Who - matrixgrindhouse - 11-23-2013

That was amazing. Not at all what I was expecting - and that's a good thing!

Gigantic spoilers. Don't even think about clicking that until you've seen it.

I loved the way they've completely and utterly changed the nature of what happened at the end of the Time War - in a way that doesn't fudge earlier continuity. Holy cow! Capaldi cameo! I had a feeling they'd do that. Early appearance of a future doctor - how timey-wimey is that?! And... a future regeneration will be Tom Baker again? Or... did one of the first three encounter that curator and model their fourth form after him? Or maybe that was The Watcher? Or... is that their way of acknowledging all the Doctor's lookalikes (First Doctor duplicate in The Massacre, Colin Baker shooting at Peter Davison that one time, Capaldi being a citizen of Pompeii)? So mysterious. So cool. Wish they'd done a bit more with Rose and the older doctors, but their presence alone was welcome. Very good episode. Worthy of the buildup. Wait a minute! So if Gallifrey still exists, frozen in time... The Master will almost certainly be returning when it does as well. I am now absurdly excited for Capaldi's run.

Doctor Who - addiesin - 11-23-2013

Man that was good, exactly what it needed to be and I totally agree every spoiler [MENTION=9451]matrixgrindhouse[/MENTION] mentioned was awesome, that ending! That budget! That chemistry! Now how about that Christmas Special preview?!

Doctor Who - bionicbob - 11-23-2013

Fracking incredible!

A show that not only lived up to the hype but EXCEEDED it!!!

The last 15 minutes I was smiling, laughing, tearing and goosbumping all at the same time!

A very clever story that closes off the long running Time War arc and sets the Doctor onto a new path.

I wonder what happened to the Zygons though....? lol.

oh! And I want Stewart's daughter to be the new companion -- I loved her! (and the scarf!)

Can't wait till the dvd goes on sale in two weeks to watch all over again. Big Grin

Doctor Who - matrixgrindhouse - 11-23-2013

I just had a crazy idea. More than usual, I mean. Roll with me, on this.

Eleven claims that he doesn't acknowledge - all - of his lives. Odd that he'd phrase it like that, as opposed to just disavowing The War Doctor alone. And we see him regenerate - but not specifically into Nine. The Curator appears to be a version of The Doctor who has retired from his adventures in time and space.

The Curse of Fatal Death is an officially licensed parody episode of Doctor Who, which aired in 1999. It stared an incarnation of the Doctor, who identified himself as the ninth (plus several subsequent regenerations). Throughout that adventure, he announces his intention to retire. What if - and I'm reaching here - Hurt-Doctor regenerated into Atkinson-Doctor, from that special. The events transpire exactly as depicted within. At some point, the romance with The Master ends poorly. The Master subsequently regenerates into whichever version that was at the beginning of the TV Movie (and thereby not conflicting with the whole Time War / Prof. Yana thing). The fourteenth Doctor somehow discovers a way to alter her appearance and increase the number of regenerations available to her. From there, she goes on to retire to Curate the museum, in the Fourth Doctor's visage. At some point, (s)he unretires and regenerates into Chris... who promtply discounts their collected existence and declares himself to be the Ninth. Of course, that'd be absurdly silly. And even more unlikely. I mean, it isn't like Curse was written by Steven Moffat or anything.

Oh, wait. It was.

Doctor Who - g1orkatsos - 11-24-2013

That was....beautiful! What a great way to honor 50 years of the Doctor! Loved the chemistry between Tenant and Smith! War Doctor was great!

Though it kinda felt to me that Eccelston was suppose to play his part instead. Boy, i would have loved that. oh well...
All those little cameos and fan service bits were awesome! And what a wonderful ending! I am so excited for the future of the series right now and the direction they are going!

Gallifrey Falls No More!
Cant wait! Big Grin