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Doctor Who - LastSurvivor - 11-20-2013

bionicbob Wrote:I was bed ridden on and off this week with a brutal sinus infection, but it gave me the opportunity to download and listen to Big Finish Audio's 50th Anniversary release starring all the current remaining classic Doctors "The Light At the End".

I am happy to report that is a fantastically entertaining adventure and well worth the price of download.
Definitely a fun way to celebrate the 50th! Smile

Glad you enjoyed it Bob! I have the super duper limited edition 5 disc version and I agree, a great fun way to start the celebrations for the 50th. Considering the complexities of writing a story which includes all 8 Doctors from the Classic Series, The Light at The End is nothing short of miraculous. A great romp all round.

I would also highly recommend Marc Platt's The Beginning, from the Companion Chronicles range, which follows Susan and The Doctor as they steal the Tardis from Gallifrey and embark on their first adventure.

Doctor Who - Neglify - 11-21-2013

[Image: doctorwho.gif]

Doctor Who - TM2YC - 11-21-2013

^ Very nice! :-)

I guess this is a good thread to mention this...

[Image: 10969474245_0ef5e36dae.jpg]

Doctor Who - addiesin - 11-21-2013

Has anyone thought of maybe making "episodes" out of John Hurt films?
They used a shot of him from Crime and Punishment in the short, so I assume all John Hurt films are fair game.

1984 and Contact could work well considering the settings.

I still think (though it's been argued against) that the Paul McGann audios could be extremely good animated episodes with a little editing TLC and of course a lot of animation work.

Doctor Who - matrixgrindhouse - 11-21-2013

addiesin Wrote:Has anyone thought of maybe making "episodes" out of John Hurt films?

There's potential there! Indy 4, for instance. Going mad from the Time War, the War Doctor seeks the aid of the aliens who live in the space between spaces to restore his sanity - and peace and sanity to the universe at war.

V for Vendetta: He pulls a Mister Saxon and takes control of a parallel universe UK, cultivating its populace as soldiers for the Time War.Midnight Express: The Doctor is imprisoned by enemy forces on a planet that seems remarkably similar to Turkey. He must escape!

Alien: The Doctor infiltrates an industrial space craft. He has secretly reprogrammed the android Ash to seek out a new weapon to use against the Daleks: the Xenomorphs! But when one gets a little too friendly, it's a race against time to remove the parasite within. Someone with some real effects skills could even have him regenerate into Chris after the chest burst! Could also use the reprise from Spaceballs in there, somehow.

King Ralph: A time meddler has attempted to alter the monarchial history of the UK! It's up to The Doctor to set things right before a paradox ensues.

Doctor Who - TM2YC - 11-21-2013

Can any hardcore Whovians tell me, does this Dalek stun gas gun from the 1965 movie have a proper sound from the TV show?

[Image: 10986725385_60f59b2ddf.jpg]

I know very well what the Death Ray sounds like but this ^ is some kind of non-leathal weapon. Maybe it was only used in the movies or maybe the BBC Radiophonic Workshop have an FX for it? If they do it would be great if somebody could point me to a clip. Smile

Doctor Who - matrixgrindhouse - 11-21-2013

If memory serves, that's the movie equivalent of the paralyzer-ray thing from the original Dalek serials. They couldn't replicate the negative luma value effect of the 405-line videotape, so they just went for vapor-based stuff in the movies. As for the accompanying sound, it'd be in one of the early episodes of the serial. 2 or 3, if memory serves. Ian's legs get hit.

Doctor Who - matrixgrindhouse - 11-21-2013

Found it. I'll have a clip for you shortly.

Doctor Who - matrixgrindhouse - 11-22-2013

Rumors are spreading that Marco Polo - the earliest lost serial - has been recovered from a fan's off-screen recording. If true, this will bring the missing episode count down to 90. What a perfect way to cap off the anniversary festivities, if true.

Doctor Who - bionicbob - 11-22-2013

bionicbob Wrote:

Very enjoyable, informative and heartfelt. I loved the cameo at the end -- Hartnell's legacy ensured.

One day to go. Smile

And then countdown starts all over again for the Christmas Special... LOL!