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Doctor Who - TomH1138 - 08-20-2012

I see your point, lpd. It's hard to shake other associations with actors, certainly. But for me, Doctor Who is my first exposure to McCoy, so that's the only thing I see him as! :-)

I didn't care for McCoy's regeneration either. The Doctor has faced down armies of aliens, beings of ultimate power in the universe - but he can't outwit a couple of cheap thugs in an alley? He deserved a better exit on that.

(On a side note, today is both Sylvester McCoy's and Sophie Aldred's birthday! Happy b-day, you two - on the extremely unlikely chance that you'll come here and read this.) ;-)

Shifting away from McCoy but continuing to focus on the Doctor: One thing that struck me about the previews for the upcoming episode - the Western-themed one, particularly - is that it reminded me a lot of Back to the Future III. Time travelers; Old West; anachronistic technology in the period; etc.

Since BTTF III is one of my all-time favorite movies, that's not necessarily a bad thing. Smile But it tickled me nonetheless. So I couldn't resist doing a mashup of the footage from the first trailer (not the one I posted earlier in this thread, but the first trailer, which focused much more heavily on the Western episode) with the music from the BTTF III trailer.

(Specifically, the BTTF III trailer that I'm thinking of is the one that's on the end of II after the cliffhanger.)

So I just knocked this one out for fun. I didn't make everything fit 100%, but I was pleasantly surprised at how well some of the stuff does fit. (And I used just a tiny bit of footage from another Doctor Who episode to make it work.)

Anyway, here's the finished product. Enjoy!

Doctor Who - bionicbob - 08-20-2012

Very clever Tom! Put a big smile on my face!!! Smile

Doctor Who - TomH1138 - 08-21-2012

Thanks so much, Bob! :-)

Doctor Who - lpd - 08-21-2012

Very enjoyableSmile Lookin forward to the new series.

Doctor Who - TomH1138 - 08-21-2012

Thanks, lpd!

I'm looking forward to seeing what Moffat and co. have in store for us, too.

Doctor Who - bionicbob - 08-23-2012

Doctor Who returns on both sides of the pond on Sept. 1st.

Leading up to it, there will be a 5 part mini-webisode series about the life of Amy and Rory, called Pond Life.
It will air both the BBC websites and their Youtube page.

Doctor Who - TomH1138 - 08-23-2012

Yeah, I saw that announcement, too, but didn't have a chance to post it here. How exciting! I'm so glad that the wait is almost over. :-)

Doctor Who - Metrostar - 08-23-2012

I was born in 1967 and remember the tail end of Jon Pertwee's doctor. But it was during Tom Baker's run that I became quite a fan. After him I just couldn't get into it again and have only seen the Paul McGann TV movie which I thought was ok'ish and the first Christopher Eccleston episode which I didn't care for. I tried again with a David Tennant when a friend made me watch an episode featuring the Weeping Angels. That was excellent. But it never got me back into the show.

Another friend tried to get me into Torchwood and I think I watched three episodes of that, but I found it absolutely terrible.

Doctor Who - TomH1138 - 08-23-2012

Yeah, there's very little to recommend about Torchwood, unfortunately.

Doctor Who - bionicbob - 08-26-2012