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Doctor Who - hebrides - 06-29-2013

At the risk of revealing my ignorance, what is GB?

Doctor Who - TomH1138 - 06-30-2013

I believe he means Gallifrey Base, the biggest Doctor Who fan site on the Internet. (But I can understand why you wouldn't know that!)

So, none of it is true? That's incredibly frustrating. Whoever is responsible should be made a public example of, so that no one ever listens to them again.

Doctor Who - Hymie - 07-01-2013

Quite disappointing, but the BBC didn't help matters when they gave that vague response a couple weeks ago that continued to drive us mad trying to read into their non denial.

As for animated episodes, here's a list....

The Invasion - 2 missing episodes
The Reign of Terror - 2 missing episode
The Tenth Planet - 1 missing episode
The Ice Warriors - 2 missing episodes (release in August)
The Moonbase - 2 missing episodes (release in Fall)

Also, since stories with 2 or less missing episodes are considered viable for animation, expect The Underwater Menace and The Crusade at some point in the future. And for anyone interested, there's a fan's animation of The Feast of Steven on Youtube that's quite good actually.

Then there is Ian Levine, who has animated both the missing pieces of Shada as well as Mission to the Unknown. While Shada has not leaked, MTTU has and while a different style than that of the DVD range, I think its quite good and perhaps is more faithful to the style the show was shot in than what is being produced by the Restoration Team. Hope that helps anyone interested.

Doctor Who - Zarius - 07-02-2013

In more positive news, people attending the West End didnt have to wait until November to see Matt as The Doctor again, as he starred in a special one-off charity crossover play also starring Helen Mirren as The Queen, Ben Wishaw as Q, and Anderw Scott as Moriarty.

Sadly, none of the actors appeared on stage, just on screens in specially recorded segments

Doctor Who - TomH1138 - 07-02-2013

Thanks for the list of animated episodes, Hymie!

Doctor Who - bionicbob - 07-28-2013

I bought THE DOCTORS REVISITED this weekend. I know for long time fans this is probably a waste of money, but for me, a relative uneducated Doctor Who fan, I found these very enjoyable and a great intro into the world of the earlier Doctors.

Doctor Who - hebrides - 07-28-2013

I am a long-time fan, and I have been introducing my wife to the earlier Doctors after having gotten her into the show at the very start of Matt Smith's run (her current favorite of the classic Doctors is Pertwee). Having said that, and even though I went to an appearance as a kid by Colin Baker, I had never seen his Doctor or Sylvester McCoy's (apart from the cameo in the McGann movie) until recently. I can see why Baker II's Doctor was so controversial, but I still wound up overall enjoying The Two Doctors. Vengeance on Varos? Still want to watch it at some point, but we weren't up for the violence-as-entertainment angle when it aired last month.

Remembrance of the Daleks, which aired last night on BBC America, though, was a revelation. Absolutely no budget, even for classic Doctor Who, to the point that it looked kind of like it was filmed on a home camcorder, but it was still utterly, absolutely the Doctor, with very clever references to earlier episodes and even a nod to Bernard Quatermass, whom many cite as a character who inspired the Doctor in the first place.

The whole tone and the way McCoy played the sad clown who is actually full of morality and humor and indignation and mystery and menace had my wife and me agreeing that it practically was a Matt Smith episode without the impressive effects or orchestral soundtrack. And the fact that it was the (unofficial, but most worthy) 25th anniversary episode and was introduced with such enthusiasm by Moffat, who has tended to be a bit more restrained in his intros to date, suggests to me that it's a particular favorite of his and one that he hopes to equal if not try to surpass in the 50th. Fingers crossed!

Doctor Who - TomH1138 - 07-29-2013

Bob - That's fantastic! You're exactly the type of person whom these specials are supposed to reach. And while I haven't learned anything new, I don't find them boring at all. A bunch of C-list celebrities talking about the modern Doctors? That's boring. A bunch of A-list celebrities (at least in the Whoniverse) sharing their insights on classic Doctors? That's great stuff!

Hebrides - I'm glad you're liking them as well! I haven't seen The Two Doctors, but I really enjoyed Vengeance on Varos, fwiw.

I would have made a few different choices along the way, but overall, the serials picked for each month have been great representations of each classic era.

Remembrance of the Daleks is one of my favorites too! Despite the fact that the storyline is supposed to take place in 1963, but all the technology, clothing and hairstyles are clearly 1988, the script is excellent, and Seven & Ace are both great Doctors/Companions.

(spoilers below)

I really like the idea of two warring factions of Daleks, and the notion that the Doctor would play one side against the other. In the end, he saves the day, but it's just a bit creepy and manipulative. I like it when the Doctor sets me a little off-balance every now and again, when I'm not really sure how he's going to act.

And do I need to say more about Ace, beating the Dalek with the baseball bat, and stealing my heart in the process? Smile

While this is the only appearance of the Hand of Omega, it's worth noting that Omega himself appeared in the excellent 1973 serial "The Three Doctors," celebrating the 10th anniversary. I love references to previous continuity!

Doctor Who - bionicbob - 08-03-2013

Counting down.... the 12th Doctor will be revealed Sunday (tomorrow)....

I know there have been tons of rumors, but I have no idea what direction they will go...

But I actually hope they go with an "older" actor this time...

Doctor Who - TomH1138 - 08-03-2013

I'm besides myself with anticipation (in a good way) (but not in a multi-Doctor episode way). Smile