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RE: Doctor Who - Handman - 10-31-2020

Nice attempt.  Hartnell looks a bit off with his lips (they are very thin, the AI makes them too thick) and skin tone, plus there are haloing artifacts around him.  The others are much better but as has been mentioned you are losing a lot of original details in there.  I'm sure you've seen BabelColour's work in colorization, if not they are great examples of this.

[Image: 00f180e194a66f841286b163b18b3e45.png]
[Image: Babelcolour-Reign-of-Terror-01.jpg][Image: Babelcolour-Unearthly-Child-02.jpg][Image: Babelcolour-Unearthly-Child-01.jpg]

He has done colorization work for the official DVDs as well, for some Pertwee era episodes as well as some deleted footage from Terror of the Zygons.

RE: Doctor Who - addiesin - 10-31-2020

I don't expect to get anywhere near as good as BabelColour, I have seen his stuff, it's amazing. Thank you for posting those examples, it's something to aspire to. I'll try to remember to look at more reference next time and not just wing it with the colors.

I've been trying to keep quiet about this idea until I have time to dig into it but the thoughts don't stop. Spoiler tags in case you don't want to see me ramble.

My real goal is to find a chain of programs and settings that will do an acceptable job of coloring and upscaling, require minimal manual work, and be able to mass reproduce the results for whole black and white seasons (and eventually fan edit them). Frankly I'm nowhere near achieving that either, this one image took a lot of manual work and I'm still poking at it making little improvements and changes.

The color in this started with Photoshop's new neural filters, there's one filter to colorize automatically. I found it a bit bland so I changed the colors a lot after the fact, but that blandness I think will be at least consistent. As in, I think you could feed in a ton of frames of footage and the quality and temperature of the colors will remain stable.

This means there's a starting point, software that will (possibly, testing pending) work for semi-automating colorization of video without flickering badly, so at a later point colors can be enhanced or altered in a relatively small quantity keyframes and the keyframes' style can be transferred to all video frames either with Ebsynth (which isn't magic but should work with color adjustments perfectly) or possibly with Photoshop's new style transfer tool (which I haven't tested yet). That's a lot of maybes, but there's hope.

I'm also counting this as separate tests, there's the upscale, and there's the colorization. One might work better than the other and prove more feasible.

By the time the workflow is ironed out and the output looks good enough to me, the first and second Doctor Blu rays may have already released and would probably give the cleanest starting point for source footage. This experiment will be slow until more software magic shows up.

You're right, the AI didn't handle Hartnell well, I think I lost too much detail before getting to the face upscale. I definitely overdid some smoothing so really all the faces are uncanny if you zoom in enough. The halos are because of the blur I also overdid. Smile

I'm gonna try ripping one of my Hartnell dvd stories and start from full quality frames for my next round of experiments.

RE: Doctor Who - addiesin - 11-05-2020

A nice little post credits scene for the tv movie?

RE: Doctor Who - Zarius - 11-11-2020

Series 13 only eight episodes (seven regular, one festive special)

RE: Doctor Who - asterixsmeagol - 11-11-2020

Oh no! That does not bode well. Hopefully they really focus on giving us eight stellar stories this year or it could be the end.

RE: Doctor Who - TM2YC - 11-11-2020

(11-11-2020, 06:39 PM)asterixsmeagol Wrote: Oh no! That does not bode well. Hopefully they really focus on giving us eight stellar stories this year or it could be the end.

It's due to covid based filming restrictions, although yeah hopefully fewer episodes means better writing.

RE: Doctor Who - Zarius - 11-12-2020

I imagine far less filler going on, tighten up the timeless/division arcs etc.

Bradley Walsh will still be around despite rumours he'd be leaving...unless he's only recurring.

RE: Doctor Who - addiesin - 11-12-2020

I really hope Jodie stays on for another season after this, my biggest frustration with this show is how little of it gets made. She already had shorter seasons than the Doctors before her. If the seasons are gonna stay this short they could at least buck the 3-season turnaround trend, so we end up with a comparable amount of episodes! Fingers crossed.

RE: Doctor Who - Hymie - 11-13-2020

Yeah, I feel like we're still getting to know Jodie it'd be a shame if this is her last season. Capaldi and Smith's Doctor's went through so much during their time, that when they left it felt like a good time but Jodie's Doctor feels like she's still breaking into the role.  Hopefully she gets a full, Covid-less season to end on and showcase what she wants.  Of course, if the ratings don't improve she may end up like poor Colin Baker doomed to leave the role too soon.

RE: Doctor Who - addiesin - 11-22-2020

Some holes in my collection are closing. I finally found some Matt Smith specials I was missing on Blu-ray for a price I found acceptable. I now own all of the televised show from Paul McGann through Matt Smith on Blu-ray. It was a pain to get even this far in the quest for a complete collection, and I blame BBC. But I digress.

Literally just checked Amazon and the Series Twelve Blu-ray is ten bucks (if you are in region 1 and you want this season go now before the price goes back up) so I grabbed that and a used copy of series 11 ( $25 approx ). So I'm just missing Resolution and the whole Capaldi era which looks to be going through a wave of high priced scalpers at the moment.

On the bright side, by the time I have fully caught up, the classic missing episodes will almost all be animated, and the classic blu-ray season releases will almost all be available. Probably.