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RE: Doctor Who - ChainsawAsh - 01-02-2020

(01-02-2020, 03:28 PM)Warbler Wrote:

So the Master is back.   Did they explain how the Master survived "The Doctor Falls"?  When the Master shot Missy, he said "don't bother trying to regenerate, you got the full blast"

No, at least not yet. Maybe in part 2 this Sunday. But the Master coming back from death with no real explanation is tradition at this point.

RE: Doctor Who - Warbler - 01-02-2020

It is not a tradition that I like.

RE: Doctor Who - addiesin - 01-02-2020

(01-02-2020, 08:22 PM)Warbler Wrote:

It is not a tradition that I like.

Simplest explanation: he was lying to her(self).

They've had bigger stretches. It also gives Big Finish and the comics an opportunity to jump in somewhere.

There is a lot of audio based material featuring the Master that fills in everything between the TV movie and Nu Who

RE: Doctor Who - Zarius - 01-03-2020

(01-02-2020, 05:59 PM)Handman Wrote: Planet 14 was mentioned in The Invasion.

Ah, you're right...I'm sure Marinus was mentioned in The Doctor Falls though

RE: Doctor Who - Zarius - 01-05-2020

Wow...Spyfall part two literally went places.

A nice mix of peak Moffat and RTD tropes, a blatant rehash of stuff from The Sound of Drums to give the companions something to do while The Doctor had the real adventure with the guest stars of the week. Tap dancing lasers, the Master as an asian S.A.S agent (don't worry, they explained how he got away with that), and Gallifrey destroyed for the umpteenth time

RE: Doctor Who - TM2YC - 01-05-2020

I don't understand the nu-who's ongoing aversion to bringing Gallifrey back permanently (apart from that one time ages ago and it was awesome 'cause James Bond was in it Wink ). The Doc feels like less of a rebel when we never see what she is supposedly rebelling against. I could do with some episodes where they are trying to control her and she's all like "see ya losers!" Big Grin .

RE: Doctor Who - ChainsawAsh - 01-05-2020

Also, can we talk about how Thirteen keeps making very morally questionable choices and no one - not even the writers - seem to call her on it? It would be fine if it were a character trait that was explored or caused her negative consequences, but it seems like the writers aren't even aware that they're writing her doing pretty unethical stuff a lot of the time while still taking the moral high ground in her speechifying.

RE: Doctor Who - Handman - 01-06-2020

What were the morally questionable decisions this time?

Wiping their memories?

RE: Doctor Who - ChainsawAsh - 01-06-2020

That, and

handing the Master over to the Nazis after removing his perception filter, essentially dooming him to literal concentration camps.

RE: Doctor Who - TM2YC - 01-06-2020

(01-06-2020, 02:17 PM)ChainsawAsh Wrote: That, and

handing the Master over to the Nazis after removing his perception filter, essentially dooming him to literal concentration camps.

Oh my goodness, I hadn't thought about that... and neither had the writers I imagine. Whoops.