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RE: Doctor Who - bionicbob - 11-13-2019

(11-13-2019, 12:19 PM)TM2YC Wrote: The Season 26 blu-ray set has been delayed until late January for some reason. Better they get it right I suppose.

In Canada, the release date is not until MARCH 2020.

RE: Doctor Who - Zarius - 11-14-2019

Writers and directors officially confirmed

New Writers:
Nina Metivier
Maxine Alderton
Charlene James
New Directors:
Nida Manzoor
Emma Sullivan
Jamie Magnus Stone
Lee Haven Jones
Returning Writers:
Vinay Patel (Demons of The Punjab)
Ed Hime (It Takes You Away)
Pete McTighe (Kerblam!)

RE: Doctor Who - Zarius - 11-14-2019

Read the comic strip in today's Doctor Who Magazine, it's...interesting for a number of reasons

I loved seeing the floating head cameos of River, Sarah Jane, Susan, Barbara, Missy etc...only two male companions represented though, that was Ian and Jaime. I guess because they're the more popular ones?

The ending will only make sense if you follow the continuity of the comic strip, but the final few panels had me squealing, I get the feeling the strip's writer is a Doctor/Graham 'shipper like I am.

No, it isn't a kiss or anything, it's just The Doctor becoming visibly shaken and upset over the true nature of a creature she's helping (the creature is her) and finding comfort in Graham's arms

RE: Doctor Who - Zarius - 11-20-2019

This is from the Mirror, but the article writer has had a proven track record with information on the show

Looks like there's no holiday special for either christmas or new year, but the series will start on January 1st, reportedly with a two parter, and will return to Saturday nights.

RE: Doctor Who - Zarius - 11-21-2019

Steven Fry and Lenny Henry guest-starring in the opener

RE: Doctor Who - TM2YC - 11-21-2019

(11-21-2019, 04:49 AM)Zarius Wrote: Steven Fry and Lenny Henry guest-starring in the opener

Will Lenny be playing the Doctor again?

[Image: 5ae11895-555e-41e7-b54b-9e9d6294ded1.jpg]

RE: Doctor Who - Zarius - 11-22-2019

Series 13 is well underway, Chibnall staying on as showrunner

RE: Doctor Who - ChainsawAsh - 11-22-2019

I didn't buy the rumors that Chibs and Whittaker got sacked, but I'm not sure how happy I am about this news. We'll see how I feel after Series 12.

Was kind of hoping Chibnall would bail and Jodie would stay. I'm not a huge fan of the New Who precedent of Doctors leaving when their showrunner does, I'd like to see how a Doctor evolves under different leadership now and again.

I'd also like for a New Who Doctor to break the 3 series precedent. Was really hoping Capaldi would do that, but if Whittaker really owns the role from Series 12 on I wouldn't mind her sticking around through Series 14 to be the one to break that tradition.

RE: Doctor Who - addiesin - 11-22-2019

Yeah, I agree with Ash. Really unsure of Chibnall, but really enjoying Whittaker.

Additionally, I'm hoping for some big changes and risks in the writing and fewer breaks between seasons. More than anything though, I'm just happy there will be more. I can always skip the bad episodes.

RE: Doctor Who - Zarius - 11-23-2019