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RE: Doctor Who - TVs Frink - 10-29-2018

I posted something about a crazy Doctor Who dance and you took on the whole concept of dance.

That's fine, just seems like a weird thing to take out of that story is all.

RE: Doctor Who - Handman - 10-29-2018

They mentioned the Brig being a Cyberman in that dance competition article.  I could go on a whole tirade about how terrible that whole concept was... but for once I'll save it.

RE: Doctor Who - Handman - 10-29-2018

Just watched The Sensorites for the first time.  Not a great story, and I'm not alone in saying that, but it was fun to see Hartnell's Doctor again.  There are a lot of good moments in the first episode, especially in the TARDIS.  But it is somewhat similar to the plot of The Aztecs, only on an alien planet with not very threatening aliens.  The differences make themselves apparent in the final episode; it  surprised me with how many ideas were thrown into that single episode, only to be resolved a few minutes later.

The writer has been an enigmatic figure in the past, and there's an excellent bonus feature in which Toby Hadoke (a regular of these DVD features) unearths some details about him.  It's well worth the watch, and possibly more interesting than the story itself.

RE: Doctor Who - Handman - 10-31-2018

Just saw the new episode.  Another cartoon villain...  I hope this isn't a sign that all our new villains will be more or less cartoon caricatures.  Definitely not as strong as Rosa, but the cobwebs looked good.  I'm a bit concerned that the quality of the show might not be as greatly improved as I had hoped, but it's still way too early to say.

RE: Doctor Who - Zarius - 11-01-2018

We're a month or so in, and frankly I don't see the quality getting any better. "Rosa" was the strongest one we got, and I'd credit that to Malorie Blackman than any of Chibnall's little touches.

Bradley and Jodie are the best actors and characters in the whole thing so far.

RE: Doctor Who - Handman - 11-01-2018

Yeah, I've really enjoyed Bradley Walsh.  He seems the most developed of the three companions.

RE: Doctor Who - Zarius - 11-01-2018

For Big Finish fans, there's some treats in 2019...Jo Grant teams with Captain Jack, and Gwen battles the Fendhal

RE: Doctor Who - TM2YC - 11-01-2018

(11-01-2018, 04:55 PM)Zarius Wrote: Doctor Alan Grant teams with Captain Jack Sparrow, and Gwen Stacey battles Heimdall

^ Then you got something!

RE: Doctor Who - Handman - 11-03-2018

Been looking back at Capaldi moments...  It's a lot better than I remember.  I wish I appreciated it more.  It's still too early to weigh judgement on this new showrunner, but there hasn't been an absolute masterpiece of an episode yet to compare to the heights of, say, Vincent and the Doctor or Heaven SentRosa comes close, but I don't think it's quite there.

RE: Doctor Who - TM2YC - 11-03-2018

I've seen a few things like this:

[Image: 5OoQiIw.jpg]