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RE: Doctor Who - Zarius - 10-15-2018

It was a solid, if unremarkable story. Really liked the concept of the space rally and the two rivals had some compelling backstories, I liked how they tackled the remnants at the end, but it just felt like the ep had no stakes to it, and those companions are way too calm and forgiving around the Doctor whenever she screws up.

RE: Doctor Who - matrixgrindhouse - 10-15-2018

Another average episode in my book.  Nothing terribly wrong with it, but nothing memorable enough that'd make me ever want to watch it again.  I do like that we're getting some hints at an arc - the Tooth Fairy Predators have been busy.  More importantly , the Timeless Child sounds like it has plenty of potential.  I'm hoping for Susan.

Speaking of the Hartnell era, the new title sequence really seems like a throwback to the very original, both in terms of visuals and the musical arrangement.  Even dispensed with the TARDIS and the Doctor's face - though I imagine one or both will be returning to the sequence in the near future.

Not sure about the new Tardis interior.  Sort of a crystal beehive sorta thing?  I'll reserve judgement until we get to see more of it in the coming episodes.  The hour glass is fun, though.

At the very least, there's no growing pains for Jodie's Doctor.  It took the better part of a season - or more - to get Capaldi's characterization working.  They have Thirteen up and running out of the gate, and she's doing a good job so far.

RE: Doctor Who - Handman - 10-19-2018

Hello everyone, new to the forum, but a big fan of Who. As such, I've got a lot of things to say about it.

Quote:I'm hoping for Susan.

Chibnail has been pretty adamant that the show should be accessible to anyone at any point, hence no two-parters this year.  If we were still with Moffat, I wouldn't doubt we'd see Susan eventually, but I don't think the new showrunner is going to be touching old lore, especially from that long ago.

I agree that the episode was fairly average, but after being so frustrated with Moffat's era ever since his second series, that's a minor miracle for me these days.  A coherent plot is all I want.

RE: Doctor Who - addiesin - 10-19-2018

(10-19-2018, 07:37 PM)Handman Wrote: I agree that the episode was fairly average, but after being so frustrated with Moffat's era ever since his second series, that's a minor miracle for me these days.  A coherent plot is all I want.

I've often said I think Moffatt is good for an episode, bad for a season. He's got a limited bag of tricks and focuses way too much on surprise and not enough on payoff or resolution. 

Davies was much better at the long-term planning and specifically the culmination of events and emotions in the season finale episodes, though his time certainly wasn't perfect, if I hadn't been hooked by the Davies seasons, I don't know if I would have stuck around through all of Moffatt.

I'm not familiar with Chibnall so this season so far has felt very new and much slower, in a good way. I'm trying not to compare too much until more is available, but I agree the simple, coherent episodes so far are appreciated. They're not without their own issues, or their own surprises. But they make sense, and the new Doctor is thoroughly likeable.

RE: Doctor Who - Handman - 10-19-2018

Definitely. He wrote great moments, but couldn't sustain a story.

Speaking of which, here's a video that takes a lot of those great moments and puts them all together. It's a pretty compelling watch.

RE: Doctor Who - theryaney - 10-20-2018

I'll agree with the others and say it was fine. I would agree there's barely any stakes. I really like the title sequence, and yes, it definitely reminds me of the first doctor's. 

I like the new TARDIS, I thought that the pillar's looked like the Ninth/Tenth Doctor's, but with that Amber beehive style. But the main thing that worries me is that in my opinion it's a bit too dark, I mean the Eleventh and Twelfth had pretty bright TARDIS interiors.

I'm also starting to watch series 8. I really enjoyed Matt Smith's Doctor and Peter Capaldi fits in the role pretty well.

RE: Doctor Who - TM2YC - 10-20-2018

I couldn't think what Doctor Who thing the new Tardis interior reminded me of but I just remembered. The Death Zone map thing in President Borusa's hidden chamber on Gallifrey from 'The Five Doctors':

[Image: 43631164760_492a0ae7af_o.png]

[Image: tardis.jpg]

Let the "Is the new Doctor secretly trapped in the Death Zone?" fan theories begin! Big Grin

RE: Doctor Who - matrixgrindhouse - 10-20-2018

The Tardis interior redesign... OF RASSILON!

RE: Doctor Who - wilhelm scream - 10-20-2018

If you ask me, the new Tardis just looks like a cheap fan-created one.

RE: Doctor Who - Handman - 10-20-2018

It'll definitely take a bit of getting used to.  Especially since I did enjoy the previous TARDIS set quite a bit.