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Tarantino Editing Contest - geffyB - 06-02-2012

"Starting on June 15th, lasting until June 30th, contestants will have the opportunity to inspire Quentin Tarantino with their own original content. The piece must be a maximum of three minutes in length and incorporate footage from either the Django Unchained trailer, or one of three of Quentin Tarantino’s favorite spaghetti westerns that inspired the creation of Django Unchained. Included in these are: Django, directed by Sergio Corbucci (1966); The Grand Duel, directed by Giancarlo Santi (1972) and Day of Anger, directed by Tonino Valerii (1967). In addition, contestants must include a musical track from one of Red Bull Records featured bands including: platinum recording artist AWOLNATION, the UK’s breakout artist of the year Twin Atlantic and dance chart artists Innerpartysytem as a part of the pieces soundtrack.

All submissions will be viewed and judged by the master himself. Starting today contestants can log-on to for more detailed contest information and to register as an official contestant. The one lucky winner and guest will get the chance of a lifetime to meet Quentin Tarantino at Comic Con in San Diego this summer. The runner up will receive authentic Django Unchained memorabilia and other prizes and a Red Bull Fan Pick prize will also be awarded."

Sounds awesome!

Tarantino Editing Contest - Neglify - 06-02-2012

Wow. Cool.

Tarantino Editing Contest - TVs Frink - 06-02-2012

So...whose account here is Tarantino? :-)

Tarantino Editing Contest - Gatos - 06-02-2012

Damn that's awesome. I'm considering doing it.

Tarantino Editing Contest - Rogue-theX - 06-02-2012

Gatos Wrote:Damn that's awesome. I'm considering doing it.

I triple dog dare you. ;-)

Tarantino Editing Contest - Uncanny Antman - 06-02-2012

Will I be shocked and amazed that it's only open to US residents?

Tarantino Editing Contest - TVs Frink - 06-02-2012


Tarantino Editing Contest - Frantic Canadian - 06-03-2012

Uncanny Antman Wrote:Will I be shocked and amazed that it's only open to US residents?

That's my guess, but I can't find any information on the site listing the geographical limitations of the participants. I'm not going to enter, but it would be cool for once if contest wasn't limited to US residents only.

BTW geffyB that second link you posted doesn't work. When I click the link I get the following message:

[h=2]Sorry...[/h] ...but the person, video or story you're looking for is not currently available. Try the links at the top, search below or return to the home page.

Tarantino Editing Contest - Gatos - 06-06-2012

OK so I am definitely doing this. I have no delusions that I will win the thing but it'll be fun just to participate and to see what other people end up submitting.

Tarantino Editing Contest - Neglify - 06-06-2012

Sweet shit Gatos.