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Site Down - Q2 - 05-17-2012

The site went down today for approx. three hours. It has been reset and should be working normally. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Site Down - TomH1138 - 05-17-2012

I was wondering about that. Smile

Site Down - Neglify - 05-17-2012

Wasn't me, I swear.

Site Down - Dethryl - 05-17-2012

Glad to see it was an easy fix.

Site Down - g1orkatsos - 05-17-2012

Neglify Wrote:Wasn't me, I swear.
Can we really trust you? :-P

Site Down - Neglify - 05-17-2012

g1orkatsos Wrote:Can we really trust you? :-P

I have an airtight alibi for the time the site went down.

Site Down - Kal-El - 05-18-2012

His hand is still numb...

Site Down - Q2 - 08-02-2013

The site was down earlier today for a couple hours. This was due to our host being hacked. was not targeted specifically. Everything should be back up and running now.

Site Down - TVs Frink - 08-02-2013

Q2 Wrote:Everything should be back up and running now.

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