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forum banner submissions - ThrowgnCpr - 09-27-2010

As per Father Merrin's suggestion, here is a thread to post submissions for banners to enter the rotation on the forum.

Here is a template to create your own

Here are the new submissions we have had so far:

[Image: logo_ZC.jpg]

[Image: logo_BYWH2.jpg]

[Image: logo_XFexordium.jpg]

[Image: logo_T2HOF.jpg]

[Image: logo_TSOTESB.jpg]

[Image: logo_BC.jpg]

[Image: logo_2EFPL.jpg]

[Image: logo_5EPEE.jpg]

Uncanny Antman:
deleted and updated

[Image: xi39f.png]

[Image: qoyNt.png]

forum banner submissions - reave - 09-27-2010

Nice stuff, everyone.

Throw, did you make a template for this yet? Marc has the exact dimensions if you need them (or I can dig out the numbers when I get home tonight).

forum banner submissions - ThrowgnCpr - 09-27-2010

I did not make the template yet. I am at work at the moment (will upload the template after work probably). I just got the dimensions off of the current forum banners. should be exactly the same. let me know otherwise.

forum banner submissions - elbarto1 - 09-27-2010

awesome stuff fellas. i really like the rotating banner.

forum banner submissions - ThrowgnCpr - 09-27-2010

first post updated with template download. Rar file contains a couple fonts, instructions, and a photoshop file. Lets see some more banners!!!!

forum banner submissions - Q2 - 09-27-2010

The exact dimensions for the banner is 874 x 191.

forum banner submissions - ThrowgnCpr - 09-27-2010

thunderclap Wrote:The exact dimensions for the banner is 874 x 191.

yep, those are the dimensions I used. I just updated the file after making a tiny adjustment.

forum banner submissions - TMBTM - 09-27-2010

[Image: tmbtmbannerjaws.jpg][url=][/url]

forum banner submissions - hebrides - 09-27-2010

Got to try one for ID, since this edit did as much as any other to get me into fanediting:

ETA: Size issue fixed, but now I'm not quite sure how to remove the attached thumbnail; there doesn't seem to be anywhere to do so.

[Image: fdvxiu.jpg]

forum banner submissions - ThrowgnCpr - 09-27-2010

nice banners TMBTM & hebrides!!!

hebrides Wrote:Hmmm, can only get this to show up small unless you click on it (looks fine then). What's the right way to insert an image in the new forum?

Did you actually upload it via the forum as an attachment, or insert the URL where you hosted it? I'm still working around the new forum software (because sometimes it seems to resize my images, and other times not), but I've not had it shrink as much as in your post when i put the image link in img tags.