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Yes & Moody Blues - keithbk - 05-22-2020

My Bitchute page ( ) has two of the "albums" I created for my own personal enjoyment.

1) A Yes album based on the pre-Jon Anderson work that would later be redone for official 90125 release. This album focuses on completed songs and demos that would provide the foundation for 90125. As the band was going to call themselves "Cinema" before Jon Anderson's return, I'm calling this album "Yes: Cinematic."

2) A Moody Blues album created from demos and tracks not included in their "big 7" catalog of albums (Days of Future Passed through Seventh Sojourn). This one I'm particularly proud of, as I created two new Pinder entries by isolating newer "poetry" with older mellotron samples. In the end, it feels like a proper album and not a "compilation."

If you're a fan of either Yes or the Moody Blues, take a listen! I get no revenue from these; they are purely for my enjoyment and those who want to listen.

RE: Yes & Moody Blues - ThrowgnCpr - 05-22-2020

Thanks for sharing. My father in-law is a huge Moody Blues fan, so I'll be sure to share this with him.

Whether I've wanted to or not, I've become fairly well acquainted with the band over the past couple decades Tongue

RE: Yes & Moody Blues - keithbk - 05-22-2020

I just posted a version of Yes' "Don't Kill the Whale" created by stripping Jon Anderson's vocals from both the studio album "Tormato" and the live album "Yesshows" and adding it to Rick Wakeman's instrumental version from "Two Sides of Yes."

As you can tell, I'm fan-editing music, lol.