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Week of March 29th, 2020 - New Fanedits - The Scribbling Man - 04-03-2020

We have 4 new edits released this week, two each from Zarius and Bobson Dugnutt:

[Image: dw-11thhour-front-11-1585518816.jpg]
Doctor Who: The Eleventh Hour - A Fanedit by Zarius
The series five premiere of Doctor Who, The Eleventh Hour, slightly extended utilising footage from promotional tv spots and a "Meanwhile In The TARDIS" mini-sode.

[Image: dw-rose-front-71-1585518942.jpg]
Doctor Who: The 15th Anniversary 'Rose' Rewatch - A Fanedit by Zarius
This edit makes use of shots and sequences from the 2005 TV Spot “The Trip of A Lifetime”, there's also a brand new ending.

[Image: halloween-restruct-front-78-1585519127.jpg]
Halloween: Restructured by Bobson Dugnutt
Bobson Dugnutt Wrote:Following the original shooting script for the film, shuffling around a lot in the first 2 thirds and adding back deleted scenes to fill some gaps in the story, I've tried to restore the film back to how it was originally structured.

[Image: aliens-nohope-front-6-1585519797.jpg]
Aliens: No Hope Edition by Bobson Dugnutt
Bobson Dugnutt Wrote:Inspired by my media teacher's hatred for the early Hadley's Hope scenes in Aliens (the only reason that we watched the theatrical cut in class was due to these 2 scenes in the SE), I've created my own cut as a half way point between the Special Edition and the Theatrical without the Hadley's Hope sequence.