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Spider-Man 3.1: The Hybrid Cut: - MCP - 09-24-2019

Spider-Man 3.1: The Hybrid Cut:

A noticeable improvement over the Editor's Cut, but still needs trimming and reordering.
I did not like the Theatrical Cut. Really, really didn't. Only after hearing good things about the Editor's cut two years ago did I give the movie a second chance, and it was much, much better. The addition of the deleted scenes and the reordering of several scenes made the movie much more comprehensible, and Peter's addiction made a lot more sense. However, there were a few scenes missing from it that I remembered vaguely from the TC. And this is where Bobson's Hybrid Cut comes along.
The HC does what it aims to do well - allowing the audience to see the full story by creating the longest possible version of Spider-Man 3. Bobson's editing, as usual, is technically superb. However, the edit doesn't fix the film's major narrative flaws, which is why I deducted a few points. For example, three unrelated villains are introduced in the first 20 minutes by seemingly randomly cutting between them (especially between 8:10 and 17:07). I think the narrative can be much stronger by further reordering several scenes throughout the movie, and hopefully trimming others (e.g., emo Parker).