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Star Wars: The Coaxium Heist: - MCP - 09-21-2019

Star Wars: The Coaxium Heist:

An amazing edit, highly recommended!
I did not like the theatrical release of Solo. I thought it was a bad case of fan-service, coupled with cringe-worthy dialogues. I gave this edit a chance because of my good experience with previous edits by DigModiFicaTion. And indeed - it was a delight.
As other commenters have mentioned, the first big difference is the color palette - gone is the blue hue, and everything feels more alive. The editing is wonderful, and I had to go over the changes list to find out exactly how many bits were removed. Honestly - I don't miss any of those bits, and the plot moves perfectly without them.
Moreover, removing the sexual innuendo between Lando and L3 turned their relationship into a more relatable one, and helps with immersion into the film. Additionally, trimming the explicit calls for rebellion helped shape L3's character as more than a caricature.
All in all - this edit is not only enjoyable, but re-watchable.