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I, Zathras: - MCP - 07-20-2019

I, Zathras:

If you have not seen Babylon 5, this will confuse you. If you have seen Babylon 5, 'I, Zathras' will initially feel like you're in The Lodge of Twin Peaks. Stay with it, though! Once your time-disorientation wears off, you're in for an exhilarating ride. TM2YC's alternate point-of-view story is a touching tribute to Babylon 5 and, obviously, Zathras.

It's remarkable how important and memorable Zathras' character is for having appeared in only 4 episodes. This edit really shows that off.

Editing is impeccable. There were only two cuts that I noticed and re-watching the source material I don't see how to do them better. The source video quality is infamously flawed, which is why I've deducted a point on A/V Quality.

Honorable mention for the tasteful Tribute at the end and for the 'epilogue' solution to fit Zathras' sibling into the edit.

I recommend 'I, Zathras' to every B5 fan. Sit back and enjoy the short ride.