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Cloud-based software suggestions - erikstephen - 07-05-2019

A lot of you editors have inspired me to try to stick my toes in the water.  I was wondering if there were any cloud based software for editing?  I travel full time so I use a chromebook which doesn't have the space to actually put any programs on.  Thanks for any insight!


RE: Software question - The Scribbling Man - 07-05-2019

I was talking with someone the other day about DaVinci. I haven't used it, but my mate has been singing its praise. It's actually free, but I believe the paid version includes a cloud for the use of collaborative editing (I'd look into it more before going out and buying it though).

RE: Software question - DigModiFicaTion - 07-05-2019

You could remotely control your desktop from your chromebook. You'd still have the limitations of your processor and internet speed though.
I've used this free portable app called TeamViewer to control computers that aren't on the same network.

RE: Software question - erikstephen - 07-06-2019

Thanks for the help!  I'll look into these.