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Crank 2 HD Trailer - elbarto1 - 02-19-2009

Transporter 2 was pretty over the top, I cant even imagine what TP3 try's to pull off.

Crank 2 HD Trailer - chramon - 02-19-2009

i did enjoy TP3 but yeah the love story bit sucked great big donkey spheres and really needs to be totally removed.

might take a stab at it when the dvd comes out. remove some of the totally gay CGI stuff as well and you might end up with something half decent.

Crank 2 HD Trailer - elbarto1 - 09-18-2009

I take back what I said, I just watched Crank 2 and it was alot of fun. High Brow Cinema this isnt but it was a crazy-over-the-top ride and fun from start to finish. If you liked the original or other crazy 'style over substance' films like Running Scared (shameless promotion) you'll like this insanity.

I suppose I should rewatch the original soon, since I never finished it.


Crank 2 HD Trailer - Frantic Canadian - 09-18-2009

I just recently saw Crank 2 myself and thought it was pretty good. I didn't like it as much as I liked the first one but it was still pretty good. That whole "Godzilla" sequence made me laugh out loud though.

Crank 2 HD Trailer - elbarto1 - 09-18-2009

:lol: that was my favorite part.

Crank 2 HD Trailer - Frantic Canadian - 09-18-2009

The funniest part, aside from Statham's stretched out face, was seeing the mask move on his face and then when we get a back shot seeing the slit on the back of his head where he'd slip the mask on. :lol: