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January 2019 FEOTM - MCP - 02-04-2019

Here it is, the first FEOTM of 2019! Please remember that editors are not allowed to vote for themselves. Your

[Image: fordawakens-front-88-1548020760.jpg]

Star Wars: The Ford Awakens by Zarius

[Image: halloween-gordon-front-13-1548020963.jpg]

David Gordon Green's Halloween by Ryantology

[Image: jpconquest-front-52-1548625894.jpg]

Conquest of Jurassic World by JobWillins

This month is a short month, so you only have 24 days to vote. However, considering there are only three edits available, that shouldn\'t be too hard for you fanedit fans!

This is the discussion thread for January 2019 FEOTM. Post away!

RE: January 2019 FEOTM - Q2 - 03-01-2019

Congratulations to jobwillins  on winning FEOTM. Please PM me a high res screenshot from your edit so I can put together your award banner.

RE: January 2019 FEOTM - stferguson78 - 03-01-2019

Well done jobwillins, really enjoyed your work as always  Smile

RE: January 2019 FEOTM - jobwillins - 03-01-2019

Thanks, stferguson78 !  Really glad you enjoyed the edit!   Smile


RE: January 2019 FEOTM - theryaney - 03-01-2019

+1 Congratulations jobwillins!