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Spider-Man: Far From Home - theryaney - 01-15-2019

[Image: spider_man_far_from_home_SFFH_OnLine_1SH...03_rgb.jpg]

International teaser trailer:

Well that was an awesome teaser trailer. It looks fun, the effects are fine, it looks like it's gonna be a very exciting movie.

This movie will be set after the events of Endgame, so now we know, somehow at least Spider-Man and Nick Fury is back and alive, despite both of them crumbling to dust on screen. Jake Gyllenhaal is Mysterio in this movie, and he's looking good so far.

RE: Spider-Man: Far From Home - Canon Editor - 01-15-2019

I definitely prefer the international trailer. 
In general, this is fine.  Looking forward to it.

RE: Spider-Man: Far From Home - lapis molari - 01-15-2019

Before I scrolled down the page, for a moment I thought that was YOUR cover for the upcoming Spidey film. And I thought "Dang! I know he's got skills, but this is amazing!" Then I was disappointed to realize it wasn't your cover but Marvel's own.

The trailer tickles my spider sense. Color me interested.   Cool

RE: Spider-Man: Far From Home - Neglify - 01-15-2019

National Lampoon's Spider-Man: European Vacation looks decent.

RE: Spider-Man: Far From Home - Masirimso17 - 01-17-2019


Seriously though, I’m hopeful for this one. Homecoming disappointed me, but I have a feeling this won’t make the same mistakes.

RE: Spider-Man: Far From Home - Duragizer - 01-19-2019

Hard pass.

RE: Spider-Man: Far From Home - jrWHAG42 - 01-19-2019

Still haven't bothered to watch the trailer yet. I'm sure the movie will be good, but I've grown tired of Spider-Man.

Spider-Man: Far From Home - Zarius - 05-06-2019

Trailer contains major spoilers for Endgame and, well, everything else in this movie

RE: Spider-Man: Far From Home - addiesin - 05-06-2019

"It's... kind of obvious."

Big Grin

RE: Spider-Man: Far From Home - TM2YC - 05-06-2019

I got about 30-seconds in and got one of those "trailer that has the entire movie's plot scene-by-scene in it" vibe. Am I wrong, is it safe to watch the rest?