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The "Mixing Up TV/Movie Quotes" Thread - Duragizer - 11-20-2018

Take any picture from any movie/TV show and mix it up with any quote from any other movie/TV show, like so:

[Image: tumblr_inline_owtr8iFyXe1qj8xkq_540.jpg]

"Rest well, my love. The monster who took you from me will soon learn that revenge is a dish best served cold."

RE: The "Mixing Up TV/Movie Quotes" Thread - addiesin - 11-20-2018

[Image: keanu-reeves-alex-winter-bill-and-ted-51...083e94.jpg]

"I know Kung Fu!"

RE: The "Mixing Up TV/Movie Quotes" Thread - jrWHAG42 - 11-20-2018

[Image: turner-hooch-screenshot1.jpg?itok=ys9nAV_8]
"Men get arrested. Dogs get put down."

[Image: faceoff.jpg]
"Give me back my face!"

[Image: superman_265pyxurz.jpg]
"Don't disturb my friend, (s)he's dead tired"

RE: The "Mixing Up TV/Movie Quotes" Thread - Rogue-theX - 11-20-2018

Woohoo! The original thread at ot was my favorite on the whole site. Thanks, OP.

RE: The "Mixing Up TV/Movie Quotes" Thread - Zamros - 11-20-2018

[Image: ToyStory3_16.jpg]

Quote:That right there is the mail. Now let's talk about the mail. Can we talk about the mail, please, Mac? I've been dying to talk about the mail with you all day, OK? "Pepe Silvia," this name keeps coming up over and over again. Every day Pepe's mail is getting sent back to me. Pepe Silvia! Pepe Silvia! I look in the mail, and this whole box is Pepe Silvia! So I say to myself, "I gotta find this guy! I gotta go up to his office and put his mail in the guy's goddamn hands! Otherwise, he's never going to get it and he's going to keep coming back down here." So I go up to Pepe's office and what do I find out, Mac? What do I find out?! There is no Pepe Silvia. The man does not exist, okay? So I decide, "Oh shit, buddy, I gotta dig a little deeper." There's no Pepe Silvia? You gotta be kidding me! I got boxes full of Pepe! All right. So I start marchin' my way down to Carol in HR and I knock on her door and I say, "Carol! Carol! I gotta talk to you about Pepe." And when I open the door what do I find? There's not a single goddamn desk in that office! in HR. Mac, half the employees in this building have been made up. This office is a goddamn ghost town.

RE: The "Mixing Up TV/Movie Quotes" Thread - suspiciouscoffee - 11-21-2018

[Image: maxresdefault.jpg]

"I'll tell you a secret, something I've never told you before.  Then you'll tell me one.  And whoever tells the best secret wins, okay? When I was your age I'd only just started masturbating. And I'd only just started ejaculating. Only a little, barely a drop. I was worried that I had some kind of a problem because at school I'd heard all sorts of stories. Then one day, when my father had had a lot to drink and my brothers were out and he was sleeping in the bedroom, I crept inside, put my hand on his penis and started stroking it until he ejaculated. The sheets were covered in sperm. I got scared and ran out. I've never told anyone that before. Now it's your turn to tell me a secret."

RE: The "Mixing Up TV/Movie Quotes" Thread - Rogue-theX - 11-21-2018

[Image: giphy.gif]

You klingon bastard.

RE: The "Mixing Up TV/Movie Quotes" Thread - Rogue-theX - 11-21-2018

[Image: how-solos-l3-37-is-different-from-other-...C442&ssl=1]

han: There's an entirely different universe beyond that black hole. A point where time and space as we know it no longer exist. We will be the first to see it, to explore it, to experience it!

RE: The "Mixing Up TV/Movie Quotes" Thread - addiesin - 11-21-2018

[Image: Gremlins-2.jpg]

What are you lookin at, butthead? Say hi to your mom for me.

RE: The "Mixing Up TV/Movie Quotes" Thread - jrWHAG42 - 11-21-2018

[Image: hopper-daisy.jpg?itok=Lsrl4lKH]
"...a goddamn sexual tyrannosaurus"