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Pranafilms' Fanedit Collection - pranafilms - 09-02-2018

I also wanted to take a crack at make these Criterion-esque Fanedit Collection DVD/BluRay covers that people make in this gallery.

I wanted to make some covers for older fanedits, add them to the "collection", if you will. I had an idea for TMBTM's fanedit Cosmogony and I created a BluRay cover for it (only realizing later that there is no BluRay release for the fanedit).

Tell me what you think. There is some tech information that I did leave out, but I'd love an overall feedback or any suggestions as to what I could make.

[Image: rwKWJ7M.png]

RE: Pranafilms' Fanedit Collection - pranafilms - 09-03-2018

Here is a more complete cover, this one for Q2's Fire Walk with Me fanedit.

[Image: SRCupQU.png]

RE: Pranafilms' Fanedit Collection - pranafilms - 11-15-2018

Fixed, and with a black edge around (useful for cutting the cover out).

[Image: 5TtTcg1.jpg]