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Return of the Jedi: Remastered: - MCP - 08-05-2018

Return of the Jedi: Remastered:

Darthrush's edit of the Last Jedi is the definitive version of this movie. It cuts unnecesary exposition and helps the overall flow and enjoyment of the movie. Jabba's Palace sequence its greatly favored by some cuts like Lando revealing himself before time and the god awful musical number (retaining the only decent part of it) among others. The treatment of this cut regarding the ewoks is phenomenal as they have a more believable role in which they are not a fighting force capable of rivaling the Empire but natives that rush to the aid of their newly found friends and get their asses handed to them by the Empire (how it should be). There are some additions that reinforce some pre-established concepts of Star Wars like the vanishing of a Jedi to become part of the unifying force on death. Overall this is the best version possible of the Last Jedi. Great stuff.