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Awesome movie scenes - Sinbad - 03-04-2018

I'm sure we can find most of them on youtube but if not just say what they are..

This one instantly springs to mind for me...

RE: Awesome movie scenes - Moe_Syzlak - 03-04-2018

RE: Awesome movie scenes - TVs Frink - 03-04-2018

RE: Awesome movie scenes - DigModiFicaTion - 03-04-2018

RE: Awesome movie scenes - TM2YC - 03-09-2018

One of the best scenes ever from 1943's 'The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp'. A speech by Anton Wolbrook's character Theo, explaining why he has fled Nazi Germany, to British immigration officials:

Wolbrook being Gay and half Jewish also fled Austria to Britain, so must really felt this scene. Great subtle slow camerawork too. The clever sound design is a bit lost in the above unrestored youtube clip. Thankfully Scorsese's Film Foundation did a lovely job on the Criterion Blu-Ray.

RE: Awesome movie scenes - Zamros - 03-10-2018

Wee bit of Saturday Shakespeare:

RE: Awesome movie scenes - Adabisi - 03-10-2018

Not a movie, but a great scene nonetheless.

RE: Awesome movie scenes - Sinbad - 03-11-2018

This films a favourite of mine featuring one of the best car chases ever filmed. It also has one of the best wtf moments in mainstream cinema for my money.

RE: Awesome movie scenes - Belgarath - 03-13-2018

Well, of course:


RE: Awesome movie scenes - hbenthow - 03-13-2018

My favorite scene from my favorite movie. That a 91-year old scene made using special effects technology that's primitive by today's standards feels more amazing than anything from the vast majority of today's multimillion dollar blockbusters is a testament to the immense skill and artistry that went into making it.

One of the most chill-inducing, powerful moments of unrestrained dramatic intensity and audio-visual beauty ever committed to film.

This one needs no introduction.

Arguably the most emotionally awe-inspiring movie sequence ever shot.

One of the most joyous and fun musical numbers that I've ever seen.

Arguably the best action scene of all time.

The most iconic rock n' roll musical scene ever shot.

The most memorable scene from an exuberant and visually-stunning throwback to the imaginary tomorrow of yesteryear.