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Obituaries - TVs Frink - 06-13-2015

So...I may have accidentally and permanently deleted the original here's a new one!

Obituaries - thecuddlyninja - 06-13-2015

RIP original obituaries thread.

Obituaries - TVs Frink - 06-13-2015

Lol, that deserves a like.

The lesson is to never moderate on a phone. Or to be smarter than me.

Obituaries - Neglify - 06-13-2015

Poor "guest user" has 0 threads now.

Obituaries - hebrides - 06-13-2015

Might want to post that "oops" montage again, Frink...

Obituaries - TM2YC - 06-16-2015

Obituaries - Neglify - 06-17-2015

"The Evolution of Christopher Lee" by Jeff Victor.

[Image: tumblr_nq2ahpm88V1rq2yc2o1_1280.jpg]

Obituaries - jswert123456 - 06-22-2015

composer James Horner has passed away

Obituaries - hebrides - 06-23-2015

Very sad to hear this. He composed (at the very least, though I am sure I am forgetting many, many others) two of my favorite soundtracks, those for The Rocketeer and The Mask of Zorro. RIP.

Obituaries - njvc - 06-23-2015

Very sad news. His scores are some of the most memorable of all time.