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What was your favorite edit of February 2017?
Jurassic Park – The Lost World: Reinvigorated by ironman23
8 26.67%
Hobbit: Battle for the Lonely Mountain, The by Belgarath
1 3.33%
Hobbit: The Last Light, The by Belgarath
1 3.33%
Hobbit, or There and Back Again, The by L8wrtr
11 36.67%
Legend of the Magnificent Seven, The by MusicEd921
4 13.33%
LV 426 by The Man Behind The Mask
1 3.33%
Return of the Jedi: Remastered by darthrush
3 10.00%
Star Wars Episode I-III : The Rule of Two (Tokyotaitai Fan Edit) by tokyotaitai
1 3.33%
Total: 30 vote(s) 100%