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Full Version: Silicon Valley (Mike Judge's new HBO show)
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Episode 1 (Official HBO YouTube upload)

I really enjoyed the first three episodes. Not the greatest show or nothing, but it makes me laugh. Great wacky characters, solid jokes, Martin Starr, cuss words. What's not to like?

Anybody else watch this?
I wasn't too impressed with the first episode but I'm going to give the next couple episodes a chance and see if it can pull me in. I love the concept of it, and it does have some really good actors in it.
I liked the first episode. Judge can do no wrong.
Well, Season One is finished. Overall I really enjoyed it and I look forward to Season Two. It's nothing amazing, but it makes me laugh pretty consistently.
It definitely grew on me. I especially loved

them trying to figure out with math how to maximize handjobs for everyone at the conference. Brilliant.
I still have a couple episodes to watch (thanks Q2...) but I really like this show.
ThrowgnCpr Wrote:I still have a couple episodes to watch (thanks Q2...) but I really like this show.

Your welcome... and it's only a minor spoiler. Now, if I revealed that Michael Bay had a cameo and froze up on stage before fleeing, I could understand your annoyance.


^^ That doesn't happen ^^
I agree with Q2. It grew on me as well. And the scene that was spoiler tagged had me dying, probably the longest and hardest I've laughed in a long time.
Late to the party, but just watched season one and loved it. Extremely awkward and consistently funny. Highly recommended.
I love this show. Season 2 has been awesome so far.
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