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Full Version: Father Merrin's O/T Star Wars Covers
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very nice star wars cover set... keep up the great work
very very nice set, fm.
All these covers can be downlaoded from the main website.
Hi, for the release of my re-edits of the Star Wars Prequals I made some new covers.

So I checked out the Alternate Gallery & noticed I never made alternate covers for the SW prequal. So I'll also be releasing some new alternate covers with my new re-edit covers.

Below is the cover for, Star Wars Episode I - The Phatom Menace.
[Image: 2005793064180700261_rs.jpg]
[Image: 2003469383181866051_rs.jpg] ... 912_rs.jpg ... 929_rs.jpg
great looking covers. you should enter the cover art contest Wink
Thanks ThrowgnCpr, maybe next year when I have more free time.

Anyway, now I've finished EP I here's the alt covers for EP II.

[Image: 2003795549736865691_rs.jpg]
[Image: 2003790355289881474_rs.jpg] ... 164_rs.jpg ... 826_rs.jpg
Ummm...., I haven't logged in in a while. I think my thread has somehow turned into a Simpsons thread?
FatherMerrin Wrote:I think my thread has somehow turned into a Simpsons thread?


I have no idea what you mean.