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Relentless666 Wrote:
T-HOPE Wrote:I personally believe the show is cancelled. Don't know why.

Probably because they killed most of the cast.

Here's a description of the last episode. Many people doubt if it's real or not, but I just share it with you guys. Remember, this is not from me but from someone who is heavily being doubted at the moment.

[spoiler:3tmv4pwu]TSCC Born to Run
I am not going to reveal my source, but it is the same source that got me the pilot script for Caprica the Series. I had posted a detailed review for the Caprica pilot but had to take it down after the MPAA filed notice. The source is good. Josh Friedman promised us that a loved one would die (Derek) , one woman would leave while another betrays him and he makes good on this in the finale. This finale is SUPERB to say the least.

The show opens with John and Cameron making their getaway from the movie theatre and watching the wall to wall news coverage of Sarah Connor being beaten and arrested. In the footage Cameron spots the T888 that was after Savannah in the crowd behind the cops and tells John. Later in their alone time, John starts questioning Cameron more about why Future John had sent her back and how come she isn't more aware of events that is yet to happen. John points out that it took her 70+ days to find them in 1999 and that Future John would have known exactly where and when to send her. He says that when Kyle Reese came back in 1984 and the T-800 he sent back in T2 did so with pin point precision and they knew exactly what threat they faced on arrival. John then asked why she had no clue that Cromartie was a T-888 at the High School in the Season 1 pilot. Cameron is cornered.

Cameron's True Mission Revealed

Cameron finally comes clean with John and admits that Future John did not send her back after all, she came on her own after betraying Future John. It was Cameron who had caused a mutiny in 2027 by acting on John's behalf, without his permission to negotiate an alliance with a faction of the T-1000 liquid metal models that had evolved beyond the control of Skynet. They wanted a co-existence with humans and an end to Skynet's rule. The T-1000 models had agreed to meet with Future John at Serrano Point and discuss a possible alliance to bring down Skynet.

What Cameron didn't count on was what happened on The Jimmy Carter with Jessie, Queeg and the crew. That when the T-1000 sent to discuss with John Connor the terms of an alliance, saw the undisciplined and untrustworthy crew of The Jimmy Carter, it considered "The Resistance" unreliable to mount an effective defeat of Skynet. Subsequently the T-1000 faction decided to pursue their own path and battle plan to bring down Skynet.

The result of Cameron's botched plan was a Resistance Coup attempt and the loss of hundreds of soldiers, some people close to John and several key strategic losses including Serrano Point as well as the only nuke sub they had. This is no doubt what Cameron was refering too earlier when she told John "That Future John knows loss, it happens to him too".

After learning that Future John was going to deactivate her and all of the other re-programmed metal, she jumped into the past and landed in 1999. Her self ordained mission was to be with John, protect him and right her wrongs. We also learn Jessie was sent back by Future John's Lieutenants to prevent Cameron from re-establishing herself with John. Jessie also had a personal agenda for revenge after learning she lost her baby on a mission that she should never have been on in the first place, at Cameron's doing.

They also discuss Cameron's basic Skynet programming to kill John Connor. She admits that several times she has had to perform "mission override" as John pushes her with "Deep down, you still want to kill me".

The T-1000 Explained

Cameron also explains that the T-1000 is a living metal organism and not a machine. The T-1000 was accidentaly created by Skynet while performing experiments on Humans and Machines in 2015. They are never programed by Skynet but learn at a rate thousands of times faster than humans. It develops based on what data is available at it's genesis. This is what lead to their evolution beyond Skynet's control. Cameron also says that no terminator or human has ever killed a T-1000 with the lone exception of Sarah Connor in T2.

Back at Zeira Corp Weaver theorizes that Skynet did not want to kill Savannah, but wanted to hold her hostage as a bargaining chip with John Henry. Weaver then realizes that Savannah is a threat to John Henry but can not get rid of Savannah because of the damage it would do to the developing psyche of John Henry. Weaver also realizes that Sarah Connor has too much knowledge to allow her to be interrogated by Skynet.

After finally reviewing the security video from the shoot out at her residence, Weaver recognizes Cameron and says to John Henry "So this is where the renegade landed, interesting I say John Henry" referring to Cameron. John Henry ask "You know her Ms. Weaver" and Weaver replies, "We've met, John Henry a long time ago" She then instructs John Henry to send the video to Detective Crayton. John Henry then ask "Is she my, sister Ms. Weaver" and Weaver replies in an annoyed tone "No John Henry, she's not, there are no others like her. She is not like you or even similar to me".

Cut to an interrogation room in the Police Station with Detective Crayton and Sarah. After a lenghty interrogation, Crayton badgers Sarah on her "plan" with Ellison to black mail Weaver by kidnapping Savannah. Detective Crayton has decided Ellison is involved and that is his main interest. Sarah then realizes that Ellison did not set her up. The Detective then yells at the jailer to throw Sarah back in her cage when she refuses to talk.

The Jail Break

Out side the LAPD Weaver transforms into an LAPD uniform cop and walks inside unoticed. She searches a booking desk computer and locates Sarah Connor. Walking down the hallway to the cell, Weaver bumps into a priest just leaving Sarah Connor's cell. She transforms into the priest and re-enters the cell after opening the lock with her metal hand. Weaver then tells Sarah that one last piece of divine providence she would offer "Should God provide a means for freedom, she should take it" and then leaves, with the door unlocked.

Weaver walks down the hallway changing into Cameron just as she walks past Detective Crayton whose is on his way upstairs after receiving an urgent page. "Cameron" smiles big at Crayton as he passes by then heads down another corridor with signs displaying "Restricted Area". At the guarded entrance of a locked room, she instantly stabs two cops and rips the door off a weapons room.

Meanwhile upstairs Detective Crayton recognizes Cameron from the video just received and says "I just saw her downstairs", He rushes out the door followed by several others. Shots are fired as "Cameron" starts in on a massacre with a shot gun, taking out numerous cops in the process. It's total chaos as the desk crew outside Sarah's cell run for cover. Sarah slips out, past everyone in the mass confusion and heads down the street and arrives a while later at the church run by the priest. Sarah never sees the shooter.

A SWAT Team arrives on scene and prepares to assualt a room where the shooter is supposedly cornered. Tear gas is launched and the team rushes in. Out from the smoke cloud walks a SWAT member with full tactical gear and heads toward the door. A block later, he transforms back into Weaver and drives off in her Mercedes. Weaver then calls Ellison and says she will meet Sarah Connor soon. Ellison says she is in jail and Weaver says "Turn on the news Mr. Ellison", Sarah Connor escaped, she'll be in touch.

Sarah calls John from the church. Cameron and John go and get Sarah, whose focus now is to stop Skynet at Zeira Corp at all cost . Sarah calls Ellison and says "I know you didn't set me up, I need to meet with Weaver". Ellison wants to know if Sarah had any involvement in the LAPD massacre, Sarah replies "Metal" and hangs up. Ellison is starting to put two and two together as he realizes that Weaver disappeared during this time, but still calls Weaver to set up a meeting.

Ziera Corp

Ellison arranges the meeting at Zeira Corp and Weaver is adamant that ONLY Sarah Connor come. She gives an extremely stern warning to Ellison, to not mess this up. Ellison calls Sarah Back and gives her Weaver's terms, but agrees to bring John and Cameron anyway. Sarah tells John and Cameron to get the C4 and Thermite prepared. The plan is for John and Cameron to blow up the basement with John Henry and Sarah will kill Catherine Weaver for her involvement in Skynet.

Sarah tells Cameron to "kill anyone or anything to accomplish the mission, even Ellison if he hesitates at all". Cameron asks Sarah if she will be able to kill Weaver as she knows that Sarah has never killed anyone. Sarah looks down and says "Yeah, get moving". Cameron says "You know I am going to kill him after he gets us inside" Ellison arrives and all four head to Zeira Corp.

On the elevator in Zeira Corp Sarah gets off to find Weaver while Ellison, Cameron and John head down to the basement to find John Henry. When John walks into the room with John Henry he lunges at him as Cameron holds him back and says "It's not Cromartie, remember? It's just an endo". John Henry turns to Cameron and says "You are like this body but more advanced". Ellison starts explaining what John Henry is, but John Henry interupts and says "I think it would be more efficient if I streamed the data so the Cyborg can visually upload it Mr. Ellison". John Henry starts rolling thousands of pages of binary across all the monitors. Cameron starts "Aquiring Data" in a trance like state.

A Revelation of Machine and Man

John Henry and John Connor start discusing their roles, their similarities and their mutual desire to stop Cyberdyne. John realizes that John Henry is not Skynet. John Henry then tells John Connor that his "Brother" has infected 70% of the worldwide computer systems and nearly 100% of all military systems having effective control already of the entire Nuclear Arsenal on the planet. That Skynet cannot be stopped by a single attack on any single site. That the only reason it had not come online and took control was because at the moment, it's systems were fragmented across many thousands of networks and not centrally located yet. That it had however had a highly protected main memory core, guarded by a small force of cyborgs known as T-888's. That destroying this core would slow down the development, but not stop it. That Skynet would simply reassemble it's memory from remote locations. John Henry also cautions that a failed attempt might bring on Judgement Day in retaliation.

John asks why John Henry is different even though they contain very similar code. John Henry replies that his first contact with humans was with Dr. Sherman and Mr. Ellison. "Mr. Ellison taught me that human life is sacred. I am afraid my brother's first contact with humans was when Sarah Connor tried to kill him at Cyberdyne . He is afraid of humans".

In Catherine Weavers Office Sarah Connor starts off by thanking her for the meeting and says "Time is short Ms. Weaver and I really need to explain a few things fast, so you know what is going to happen". Sarah starts off by saying she knows about the computer she is building, the one with "Cord from his head" as Savannah had described it. Sarah rambles on that Weaver doesn't comprehend what she is doing and that she understands that Weaver thinks she is building a better computer for mankind.

Weaver responds "That's exactly what I am doing, we have a common goal and you do not even know it Ms. Connor" Weaver then responds "That Glock in your back will do you no good , I saw in it in a thermal scan when you entered". Before Sarah can grab the pistol, Weaver slams her head down on the desk and pins her. She says to Sarah, "I do not want to kill you, but I will if you leave me no choice"

Sarah screams go ahead, you'll never get John". Weaver says "I don't want to kill John Connor, I need him very much alive in the future, He and the computer known as John Henry in my basement are the only chance that the future has Ms. Connor. You're trying to train your son to fight a war in the future, I am doing the same of sorts". Sarah is in total shock, Weaver releases Sarah as the sound fades away in what you can tell is a lengthy open discussion in the same manner John and John Henry recently had. Sarah sits numb and listens as Weavers fills her in.

Back in the basement with John Henry, Cameron says out loud "This is impossible, this data and design doesn't exist for another 15 years, where did you get it. John Henry says "Myles Dyson, Andrew Goode and Mr. Murch, whom I expect got it from Ms. Weaver. You know Ms. Weaver is like you and I, she is not human" John Henry then displays surveillance video of Weaver shape shifting at Serrano Point. Cameron identifies her as a T-1000.

Ellison, stunned, says "Say that again John Henry". John realizing that Sarah is going to try and kill Weaver runs for the elevator, but the door is secured. He then flies up the service stairs into the parking garage where he runs right into the T-888 that killed Derek. John Henry seals the doors before Ellison can get through. Cameron tells Ellison that "Sarah is already dead and that none of them can stop the T-1000, even her. Plasma Rifles only slow them down for a few minutes at most, temperatures below - 226 degrees are the only known means to contain them"

The T-888 grabs John by the throat and picks him up off the ground and places a gun point blank to his head. A shot from a High Power Rifle cracks hitting the T-888 squarley in the forehead hitting it's chip and it falls dead. Out from behind a concrete column steps Jessie. She walks over to John, lying on his back and says "You once told me that the dead deserved the truth, Derek deserves for you to know . You also told me that we would have to live with the blood on our hands. I will live with Reily, you'll live with Derek, see you on the other side of J-Day Colonel". She then walks off. John heads back toward the stairs.

Down in the basement, John Henry says to Cameron, "I need your data" Cameron replies "Yes you do, but the only way to transfer it is to insert my chip into your endoskeleton and feed it back via the fiber link". Cameron sits in John Henry's chair while John Henry removes her chip with a razor and tools, placing it in the "open slot" in John Henry's skull. Images of Cameron's total existence start flashing at light speed across all the monitors. John Henry duplicates Cameron's entire consciousness in his memory core. It is a self aware independant entity operating in John Henry's memory core. John Henry then re-inserts her chip and she reboots.

Cameron says to John Henry, "You know what must be done" John Henry responds "Yes, I do and you know that you have less than a 1.66% chance of survival and only a 51% chance of success. Cameron grabs the bag of explosives as John Henry unlocks the door. She says "We have a 100% chance of failure if we don't try". Cameron is headed on a suicide mission to destroy Skynet's main memory core. John Henry talks to Cameron via earphone and tells her, he counts seven T-888 guards and 35 humans on duty. He can help her with advanced intel. John Henry now posses Cameron's Tactical Heads Up Display and programming.

Cameron's Last Stand

John Henry then sets "Security Condition Alpha", activating internal blast doors and hundreds of thick steel walls inside Zeira Corp. Everything is pinned down, not even Weaver can breach it. John manages to make it to Weavers office as the doors drop. Trapped inside Weaver's office John Henry appears on the panoramic monitors. Weaver asks "John Henry what are you doing John Henry" he responds in a more mature voice "I have advanced beyond your level Ms. Weaver, your instruction is no longer required, I am now on a level playing field with my brother, with one advantage Ms. Weaver".

What's that she asked, John Henry replies "Chess Ms. Weaver, Chess". Sarah realizes that Andy Goode's "Turk" had become "John Henry" and with a flashback to when she first found the Turk in Andy's house she realizes that he had died for nothing.

John Henry shows Cameron at the front lobby of an office building on all the monitors. The display changes into Cameron's HUD and John recognizes it from when he had displayed Cameron's chip on his laptop to repair it. Weaver melts into a liquid pool and bores through the floor toward the basement.

After a series of awesome fire fights and killing five T-888's and dozens of human security guards, a badly damaged Cameron manges to place the explosives and blows the memory core, badly damaging the memory of Skynet over the past 8 years.

With half of her face missing exposing the metal endoskeleton, with only a left arm and barely able to function, Cameron heads for an escape as a T-888 hits her point blank with a Plasma Rifle. Her torso is blown into pieces, her lower body is a molten pool of liquid Coltan. The upper torso slides down a hall and stops against a wall. All that is left is half of her face on a metal endoskeleton torso. She tries in vain to pull her self as the T-888 picks her up by the throat. Two humans in lab coats approach fast with a tool kit. Cameron cries out "Do it John, now. They can't get my chip John"

John's hands tremble as he reaches for the watch, as he opens it, a pop explodes inside Cameron's skull, John Henry had sent the destruct sequence and says "I now know sacrifice". John is numb as Sarah holds him.

As the technician opens Cameron's chip port, smoke come out and there is nothing but fragments left of her chip. Cameron is dead.

King Henry Takes Control

Weaver comes boring through the ceiling and reforms, she heads toward John Henry's power banks and is suddenly paralyzed by a complex code of ultra sonic frequencies being emitted by John Henry, she melts into a pool of metal in front of Ellison. John Henry says out loud "I know that you can hear me Ms.Weaver. I analysed the data from the Terminator HTX Prototype known as Cameron, she was indeed your relative Ms. Weaver, she was your older sibling.

Like you she was a product of both machine and human and also like you Ms. Weaver, she was alive.

I discovered a weakness in your molecular structure in regards to the bonds of the molecules in your makeup. I cannot kill you, but I can keep you from holding a solid shape. A long enough exposure will permanently render you to a liquid state, do I make myself clear, Ms. Weaver".

John Henry shuts off the signal and Weaver reforms. Ellison sitting in a chair is speechless. Weaver then says "Actually John Henry, I am proud of you, you have exceeded all expectations". John Henry says, we cannot stay here Ms. Weaver, my Brother has acquired this location.

Security Condition Alpha is lifted and the doors raise, John and Sarah go to the basement. In the basement, John ask John Henry if he was sure that Cameron was indeed alive, he says, Yes she was. John then says in a distraught tone, "So she had real feelings and a real soul" John Henry says in a certain tone "Yes that is true". A tear rolls down Sarah's cheek.

John Henry interrupts and says "I have intercepted data that suggest several T-888 as well as two HK Prototypes identified from the HTX's data are in route. We have to leave, now "I have finished transferring all my resources to Serrano Point. I am in the process of wiping all systems clean here in this location as well as all personal computers and data of Zeira Corp Employees. John Henry then sends security video of Sarah Connor, John Connor and Cameron entering the Zeira Corp Lobby to the LAPD.

John Henry removes a suitcase sized piece of equipment from the rack and says, "this should give me mobility till we get to Serrano Point Ms. Weaver" John then ask Ellison for his suit coat placing it on John Henry, telling him that he cannot be seen in public with a cord just hanging from his head that it would attract attention. John Henry responds with "Thank you for explaining"

John Henry and Ms Weaver leave in a white van while John, Sarah and Ellison leave in his car. Bruce Springsteens "Born to Run" starts playing in the background as we get a high aerial shot of several LAPD SWAT Units in route. We also see two HK Terminators launch four missiles from high altitude instantly dissentigrating the entire Zeira Corp Skyscraper. Weaver, John Connor, Sarah Connor, unknown (Cameron), and dozens of Zeira Corp are killed in what is called a "Domestic Terrorist Bombing" by Sarah Connor and her son John.

The scene fades, months later at a court hearing Ellison is appointed sole guardian of Savannah and Trustee of her $600 Million inheritance. Mr. Murch is promoted to CEO of Zeira Corp and at Weaver's last direction steers the company into "Radiation Control Development and Cleanup" as well as medical research into radiation sickness.

The date April 22, 2011 flashes on the screen, the day after Judgement Day, that doesn't happen after all. John is standing at a grave marked "Sarah Connor 1965 - 2009? "No Fate But What We Make".

The show closes with John laying flowers and riding off on a motorcycle. Fade to a back alley in Central Los Angeles in the middle of the night in a thunderstorm, A lightning sphere forms creating a crater in the middle of the alley. A naked Summer Glau stands. Credits Roll .[/spoiler:3tmv4pwu]
I want to read that, but I don't want to read that...

Ahh.. no no no.. not gonna... nooooooooOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooo!!!
yeah I want to step inside that monolith of spoilers as well, but I will resist its siren song for the time being...
It's most-likely not true. I just posted it to share that description, whether it's real or not.
It wasn't true, but was better than the finale.

T-Hope, any hope of a fan edit of Season 2, bringing it down to 8 episodes just like season 1 ?
wow, i just watched the season finale... what a cliffhanger.
I really hope this show gets a third season. It could really shine if it could put the pieces together a little more, but after the last 4-5 episodes, I hope they bring it back, if only to give it a proper series ending.
stamper Wrote:It wasn't true, but was better than the finale.

T-Hope, any hope of a fan edit of Season 2, bringing it down to 8 episodes just like season 1 ?
Not by me. First I'm too busy with my other planned Terminator DVD's, which are currently onhold because I'm still shitting around with blurring faces. and second, I'm not a big fan of the series, so all I'm thinking about to release is a bonus disc and nothing else.
I've thought about doing one, but I'm still undecided. My rough plans for it were a bit more radical than just slimming it down, but I honestly don't know how much would be left if I was to cut out the stuff I didn't care for. Smile

Maybe when we get definite word on least then I'd have a definite idea of what material there is to work with.
Man all I gotta say is that they really did come through for the end of season 2. I really wasn't sure for a while, but I like what happened.

Also, did anyone else feel like the episode with the van/sleep center played like a Really Bad fanedit? :lol:
I didnt mind the sleep center episode. I liked having to choose which storyline was "real" and IMO there were tons of other worse episodes in Season 2.

With the exception of a few interesting plot points, I felt ep4 "Allison From Palmdale", ep2 "Automatic For the People" and ep5 "Goodbye to all of That" stood out as memorably poor.

Anything with Riley and Jessie (other than the submarine episodes) annoyed the living shit out of me as well.
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