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Full Version: Daredevil, Luke Cage, Iron Fist are getting Netflix original series!
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Holy smokes this news made my day!

Daredevil is my favorite street level Marvel character. and I was hoping for Marvel Studios to do something since they got the rights back from Fox earlier this year but this is above and beyond all expectations

I have been pleasantly surprised with the level of quality that Netflix originals have, so I'll be very much looking forward to this.
My body is ready.
in years to come i could see marvel doing civil war across tv and cinema, great times ahead for comic book fans
...and Jessica Jones.
That's good! But where is my +18 Punisher TV series Marvel!?
Arrested Development already did this in one season. :p
This is great news. If only MOON KNIGHT had been included....
here is more info regarding the series, sounds really exciting [URL=""][/URL]
I find it really interesting that they are filming in New York, for several reasons.

1. The four series all take place in NY, specifically the area known as Hell's Kitchen (according to the synopsis). Thus it is awesome that they're not filming in London or Vancouver or somewhere else, they're filming on-location. Again: awesome.

2. Didn't they digitally reconstruct NY for Avengers since it would be so hard to actually film what they needed to film there? Obviously these series won't have the city-destroying stakes but even aerial shots of the city are apparently really really difficult to film in post-9-11 America, even illegal. I might have my stories mixed up (and if so I'm sorry for the misinformation) but if I don't this means some kind of big legal hurdles were jumped to get this to happen.

3. DC's properties are at a huge disadvantage just because they choose to continue using fake cities like Smallville, Metropolis, Gotham, etc. New York is really making a big deal out of the amount of money and jobs Marvel has brought to their state. The complementary publicity really dwarfs any kind of relationship DC/WB has had with something as simple as filming locations.

Yeah. I'm pumped for these shows.
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