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Full Version: IFDB Review: Moonraker Plot, The:
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OK - Not bad at all. You turned one of the sillier Bond films into a fairly capable thriller. With all of the silly quips and puns removed, Bond comes off as a fairly stoic tough guy secret agent. Although the movie does devolve into a mutant crossbreed between Buck Rogers in the 25th Century (the TV one, with Gil Gerard) and Austin Powers, this is no fault of the editor and I believe he did the best he could with the crappy hand he was dealt. I also felt the pacing was very slow, especially near the end. I doubt that this is the editor's fault either, but I have not watched the original recently to compare. The cable car re-score and sound effects felt a little unnatural and noticeable to me. All in all great job saving a dog. It is one that I would probably watch again.