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Full Version: IFDB Review: Dune (1984) – The Alternative Edition:
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I've been a fan of Lynch's Dune my whole life. I can remember seeing commercials for it when it was first released and being totally taken with the visuals. I was too young to see it in theatres sadly, but a few years later I finally saw it on video. A strange, wonderful, creepy and somehow unbalanced film. Years after I first saw the film I finally read the book and came to understand how far the film had diverged from the source material.SpiceDiver's edit is nothing short of revelatory. The new book structure, the incorporation of extended and deleted scenes bring the film more in line with the book. I loved it. As a fan of both the original film and the novel I have no hesitation in saying that that this is now my definitive version of the film. SpiceDiver has turned Dune from a cinematic oddity and turned it into a film worthy to carry the title Dune. Well done sir.