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Anyone else seen this? I watched the first season (second season seems to be greenlit) and it was really great. The Felix character was very annoying in the pilot, and I was kinda hoping for him to be killed off. :-| But he really fit in as an enabler of comic banter from the actors around him, so he was necessary after all.

The lead actress is very talented, and I often found myself thinking that the clones were different actors
My girlfriend and I watched this as it was airing and we both really enjoyed it. Agreed that the lead actress is incredibly talented, to play all those roles so well. I'm glad they greenlit a second season.
Holy carp, that was a great second season!
Great show. FAAAAST paced, keeps chugging along. You think something's gonna happen and nope! Something else. Love it, I'm a few episodes into the second season. No spoilers!
Ain't it great? It amazes me there's so little buzz about this show here...
To be honest, I still have one episode to go on season one.
I'm bored out of my frakking mind.
Please - kill the daughter already.
Hate lazy, "child in danger" plot device.
In a J-drama or Japanese movie, children are routinely offed.
In Western productions, especially TV, never!
So the whole "save my child" aspect is sleight of hand just to kill wailing adults.
Kids always survive. Whack 'em.

Also, plot turns that seemed to twist anew in the initial five episodes now seem to have run out of gas.
Agree that Tatiana Maslany is doing marvelous work with multiple roles.
Still, I wish the producers would juice the sex and violence, instead of safer titillation.
Keep forgetting this is Canada.

Main reason I still follow Game Of Thrones. Everyone - writers, directors, actors - keeps upping game.
GoT gets more violent, more bloody, more dark.

You guys who are watching S02 of Orphan Black, does it improve?
Cause to me, OB is just another YA (young adult) soap opera targeting non-demanding teenyboppers.
Show me the way.
Sure, you're right about the kid plot, it's been done to death. But to me, so much crazy and fun stuff are happening to give this a miss. It's not HBO, so if that's a prerequisite for you to watch a TV show, than I can agree you might be better off.
No, shows don't have to be HBO based to hold me.
Game Of Thrones was HBO, as was True Detective.
American Horror Story was FX.
BBC brought out Luther, Whitechapel,and Ripper Street.
Plus, I'm heavily into such KBS fare as Killer-K, IRIS, and Ghost.

I'll soldier on with S02 of Orphan for a bit, and hope the writing room tightens the arcs,
kinks the twists, and ramps the intelligence.
As noted, right now the show seems aimed toward YA who are watching with one eye,
texting with the other.
An A-D-D show.
Anyone else watch this show atm?  Season 4 premiered with a really nice pre-S1 flashback episode that finally delivered a good look at events only hinted at before.

Probably not the smartest drama out there, but I enjoy fitting in with the fandom surrounding the show.  Plus I can never seem to get over the "one actor" gimmick.
I finally watched the episode last night. After a few missteps last season, and a convoluted plot, I was a little wary, but this episode started the season off strong. It's really interesting to see what transpired prior to the pilot. I'm hopeful this season will remain solid with less filler like lasts.
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