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Full Version: your fav actors
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I know that there are lots of cool actors and actress but I like most: Noami Watts, Jodie Foster, Daniel Day-Lewis, Peter Sellers and that guy from Hitchcocks movies.....and last discovery: Ryan Gosling....

....and yours?

worst actor ever is Mel Gibson Wink
worst actor ever is still held by nicholas cage

not even castor troy can revive him from that honor Sad

best line ever:
"If I were to let you suck my tongue, would you be grateful?"
yeah...... nicholas "suffer face" cage is in my top five worst actors.....but damn!....wasnt he good in Wild at Heart? he was!......and Birdy?....and Moonstruck?.... and Raising Arisona?......'80 rocks! Wink
yes it's annoying that i hate him so much yet he is able to pull off some VERY awesome movies.

i just don't get it...

it's like the paradox of all paradoxeseseses
Yeah. It seems like all Nicholas Cage needs is a good director. Otherwise he's just dire. hilarious.
This remind me of something that happened to me: A few years back, I was talking with my cousin, about movies. Then she said her favorite actor is Steven Seagal. I started laughing really hard. Then she said: "no seriously, he knows how to fight, and he can act really well too!"
I nearly chocked... :grin:
C'mon people! This is 'your fav actor' topic...not the actor you hate most!....anyway......

Ben Stiller......I dont get this guy at every movie he looks as if he were pissed off at everyone and everything......chill out Ben!.....well.....maybe it's because he plays in crap movies.... 'Damn.....another stupid comedy......I hate this job!.....aghhhhh!!!!".....

Freddie Highmore.

He's one of the best child actors on film.
Bruce Willis is great, and the Irish guy who played the villain in Batman begins is good as well. There are so many good actors out there.

I can't stand the child actor from AI, he gives me the creeps.
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