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Full Version: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
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So, I'll admit, I'm not as gung ho about this series as I thought I was. I didn't watch the midseason break until yesterday before last night's episode. Really, it stood out just how much I was watching the series out of a sense of obligation. I don't watch a lot of live-action TV and that goes double for ensemble TV (I have yet to watch Buffy and I need to finish/rewatch Firefly), but I doubt the restrained TV budget is interfering with the quality of the show. I can't help but feel that Joss' work on Avengers 2, in addition to Marvel Studios just not caring about the show, results in the show's quality.

At least with this episode, things are taking a semblance of a step in the right direction.

Mike Peterson's going to make more appearances, and Skye has a great part in the episode by impersonating Minda May, Ward gets a dark chuckle with his interrogation technique, and I was genuinely happy when Coulson saw his team again. Though, I really hope there's more to his resurrection than just "science." I want to see to him get stabbed or shot where his heart would be, only for nothing to be there. Maybe life model decoys are more cyborg in nature in this universe

Well, since this is a Whedon show, who do you think's going to die? I imagine Minda May, since it would be devastating for the team to lose their heavy hitter, but I don't like the idea of her death helping to give motivation to Ward, despite him needing more flavor.
I found the Coulson retrieval ep pretty lame, but "Seeds", while not great, was a big improvement on several levels; I've been impatient to see more of Quinn from "The Asset", and Skye's backstory was considerably more interesting than I'd expected, and helped justify her place on the team. After a long stretch of four clunkers, this was the first good ep since "The Hub".
Sif is going to make on appearance on "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D." Also, the "Agent Carter" TV series detailing the exploits of Peggy Carter in the early days of S.H.I.E.L.D. apparently has a good chance of coming to fruition.
Ah, that explains that line about the early days of SHIELD and their conflict with the remnants of HYDRA. Clever. I think the last two episodes were a huge improvement. Hope February's batch are of similar quality.
So it is official, as many of us suspected, J. August will become Deathlok.

Could be interesting. Might inject some much needed "dangerous/unpredictable" energy to the show.

Now if only they would do the Doyle on Ward.... maybe that is the "gamechanger" they are hinting at in the new promos?
Another quality episode. But we have to wait another month for the next one?! I have a sinking feeling that whoever's in charge of scheduling the show is trying to force a cancellation.
Aye, a pretty good ep, right up there with "Eye Spy" and the pilot as the series' best to date.

Supposedly the month-long gap between eps is an Olympic thing. As if I didn't care little enough about the Olympics already... :-P
I wouldn't mind seeing any of these characters, though I think 4, 8, and 10 could team up with Ghost Rider for another Netflix series.
I reeeeaaalllly wanna see Punisher as a quasi-villian/untrustworthy ally in a Spider-Man movie someday, and don't think he'd work at all on SHIELD. I respect Chapman most of the time, but frankly, that list is stupid. The show has to be very careful not to muck up the MCU with too many costumed heroes - it needs goood writing, not a huge slew of names hard-core comic geeks can cross off a list. And the writing has been shaky so far, no question, but the past two episodes were pretty good.
I like where this arc is heading... but it looks like the show is being preempted again next week in favor of a Marvel Cinematic Universe making of special or something. I can't remember the last time we had more than two episodes broadcast in a row. Frustrating.
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