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Full Version: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
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^ I gotta agree with you on most of this. I tried the show again and there really isn't enough to hold the viewer's interest.

Speaking personally though, I would like to see some sperpowered costumed types show up.
I'm enjoying the show for what it is - focusing on background characters of a larger (and generally much more interesting) world. It isn't great by any means, and has some issues. Provided the arc stuff (Coulson, Sky's parents, Centipede) are wrapped up, I wouldn't mind if they ended it after one season. If they keep going, I'll stick with it. Got nothing better to do most Tuesday nights, anyway.
I'm pretty confident things will get nice and interesting around the time of Cap 2 at the latest, what with all the SHIELD dramz people are getting from its trailer. Question is, then, how much of the time between now and then will be barely serialized one-off stories, and how good will the writing be. I'll definitely stick with the show 'cause I'm a MCU completist, but I do hope it gets better before too long. :-P
Anyone else get the impression that the last episode was hastily re-written at the eleventh hour? We awkwardly transition from the Marvel-ized version of of a slasher scenario to... I don't even know. That resolution was bizarre and unsatisfying.
Yeah, they've wimped out on having actual bad guys as one-off antagonists several times in less than ten eps, and the resulting Saturday-morning cartoon show vibe is getting pretty damn old. I think part of the problem is that SHIELD is seen to have so many resources and gadgets and badasses that any real fight is likely to be severely mismatched in our heroes' favor.
Good episode. Seems like they'll be tying up the arcs in January.
That was good! Really good. Best of the series so far.
Well at least the second half is starting up a lot better than the first. If the series can at minimum meet this episode in quality for the rest of the season, I can see it getting a second season, and maybe then eventually become really good sometime down the road.
Finally its getting interesting. Maybe this will lead to something worthwhile.
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