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Full Version: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
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Sunarep Wrote:After 3-4 episodes one can usually tell what kind of tv series it is

I have to agree with this. Three to four episodes in is when I usually stop watching a new series and go back to watching Adam-12 on Netflix streaming. That's what is happening with this show also. Just not enough there to sustain any interest.
I'm in agreement. It's a well produced show, but nothing there really demanding me to come back. I'll give it another episode or two but think I'll be dropping it.
Sunarep Wrote:...where the conflicts are mostly episodic and immediately dealt with

I would be ok with a serial format if it were good. Heck, it might even be refreshing.
So, it seems watching Thor 2 and the other future Marvel films will be necessary to follow this show.
Funny how some shows take a really long time to pull you in... or just fail in doing so. At the moment AOS has been very, shall we say... unremarkable and somewhat boring. Compare that to the pilot I just watched for Dracula, which quite honestly had me gripped from the word go and by the end had me already looking forward to ep 2.
I thought this past week's ep, "F.Z.Z.T.", was pretty good despite a not-great start, and I'm definitely looking forward to the November 19th one picking up from the events of The Dark World. Also, in case anyone reading this missed it, here's the Fury cameo from the second ep. That last line cracks me up every time. :-)

Anyone notice the side of the truck Ward and Fritz magnabagged on was labelled YOYODYNE? Buckaroo Banzai lives! lol!
Well, that was.... average?

For a heavily promoted tie-in to THOR 2, there a lot of name dropping and humorous comments/observations, but as usual, I think I was expecting something bigger and more directly connected to the movie.

But even all that would have been okay if not for some the worst character miscasting I have seen in a very long time...

Peter MacNicol... Asgardian Berzerker?!?!

I love the actor, I have grown up watching him my whole life, he is incredibly gifted and wonderfully entertaining but Asgardian Badass he is not! Or even Asgardian Mason who "broke rocks all day".... really???? LOL

I want to love this show so much. I continue to watch avidly every week, and while the actual character stuff is excellent imo, the stories tying everything together have been only mediocre to good. For a show with this much network support and talent behind the camera, this show should be much better than this imo. Is it the Disney "safe" time slot? Too many executives in the kitchen? I dunno. But so far, Mr. Whedon has not brought us his "A" game to this show. The only thing truly holding my attention is Coulson and the Tahiti mystery....
Coulson was the only real interesting thing for in in Agents. With the little time I have I ultimately dropped it from the shows I watch. I had high hopes for this show, not because it's Marvel but because of Whedon, but I guess his brother just doesn't have the chops his brother does.
I've been quite patient and understanding with this show, but this ep flat-out sucked; the worst yet by far.

No Dr. Selvig cameo? No discussion of the big convergence event? Lame and lame. The actual plot? Even lamer. The generic baddies are getting old, Skye is getting more annoying by the ep, and Ward's constant flips from quip-happy fighter to darkness-haunted warrior are a chore to sit through. I don't care what happened to him as a kid. Or about Skye's parents. Peter MacNicol was the only good thing about this ep, but instead of really exploring his personality and experiences, we're all in a rush to punch some random person again, and rip off John Carter's big battle scene.

I'm fine with this show not having too many superpowered people, let alone costumed heroes. But there's gotta be something else to hold our interest, and the writing needs to get a lot better.
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