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Full Version: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
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(09-30-2017, 07:43 PM)matrixgrindhouse Wrote: [ -> ] I couldn't sympathize with any of the characters - they're all flat and lifeless.  The closest one I came to liking is the designated villain - if only because his stated motivations seem more heroic than the actual supposed heroes.  

Agreed.  If you not an Inhuman, you are made essentially a slave and sent to work in the mines!?!! How is the audience suppose to support heroes like these?

They got pretty much everything wrong with these characters and this world.  And worst yet, and the biggest offence, they made it completely boring

Doubt I will watch another episode.
Seriously.  At least the quality of life for your average Asgardian is depicted as being pretty decent, Odin's reign completely benevolent.  These guys, not so much. 

"Villain": You know, if we lived on Earth, we wouldn't have to toil as slaves, and those of us without powers can live full, meaningful lives.

"Hero": Nah.  Just trust me on this.  Because I am the king.

Also, wouldn't it make more sense for the people with powers to be doing the heavy labor?  You know, since they have powers?
The first 2 episodes were directed by Roel Reine... The acclaimed director of "The Scorpion King 3" and.... "Miscellaneous Schlock"

This was never going to be good, was it?
I'm probably going to stick this out a little longer than most. At the very least, this show has a camp factor that makes it slightly more bearable than Iron Fist, and I'm digging Anson Mount's portrayal of Black Bolt, but yeah, I don't expect this to last more than one season.

Also, I love that this show is so unspectacular that it doesn't even get it's own thread, instead having to bum off of the one for Agents of SHIELD.  Tongue
So after watching the third episode, I'm still enjoying Anton Mount's role as Black Bolt (apparently he made 50 pages worth of hand gesture communication when the pilot director asked only for 16 signs, so kudos for dedication), and I'm starting to enjoy Gorgon and Karnak's interactions with the Hawaiian natives and drug runners respectively, and the longer they can keep around Mordis and his Power Rangers villain outfit the better. However, things like Medusa feeling guilt over stealing clothes, food and money feel out of place with someone who regularly condemns people to work in slave mines, and that reminds me hat we're still stuck with the fact that Maximus isn't really a villain.

Which is such a shame, since there's a flashback in the episode that would make the series easier to sell. Black Bolt, the next King of Attilan, faces the threat of imprisonment if he can't control his powers? Then open the show to slowly after his coronation, and make his plan to migrate to the Earth slowly over time, that way he doesn't end up killing his 1,400 citizens. You can start off with Black Bolt just wanting more space for his own needs, and then have him interact with Earth-bound Inhumans that teach him about humility and such.

You can still have Maximus be someone who wants freedom for all Inhumans, but maybe he can construct a mind-control device (a shoutout to the mind control powers he has in the comics) to quell the upstarts who stand in his way. Maybe even have a secondary villain from the Hawaii who witnesses the Royal Family come to Earth and rallies up a resistance under the pretense of "I already lost my home to the mainlanders (the USA), I'm not going to lose it to Inhumans, too!" You know, make the factions of the story walking a gray area and feeding into the theme of not thinking of yourself as superior just because of genetics.

I mean, there's still 5 more episodes, but I doubt it's going to get anywhere near that deep.
Quote:I'm still enjoying Anton Mount's role as Black Bolt (apparently he made 50 pages worth of hand gesture communication when the pilot director asked only for 16 signs, so kudos for dedication)
From what I can read, he seems to really respect the role and love the source material.

There was an article I saw that mentioned he had a Sad Affleck moment when people didn't like the final product.
Bounty Hunter Fitz is my headcanon young Han Solo.

I'm loving this new season.
/\ /\ wait till u get to the latest episode like what the actual fuck fitz , best arc in tv  right now
The last few episodes have really been phenomenal.  This is without a doubt the best season yet.  It really feels like it'll be the last.  I wish it weren't so, but I never expected a second season, let alone five and a triple-digit episode count.  If they're going out, they're doing it in a magnificent fashion.
Season 6 confirmed.

Only 13 episodes instead of 22, but another welcome surprise all the same!
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