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Full Version: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
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That was quite the season premier! Easily among the best episodes of the series so far. I think they really took their time to evaluate what worked about season 1 and what didn't. These Mission Impossible with supervillain type episodes are always enjoyable. Skye's acting seems to have improved significantly. Lots of intriguing developments - really looking forward to seeing where they take things.

The Fitz/Simmons reveal gutted me.
^ Agreed. Solid premiere! Loved the Agent Carter and Howling Commandos cameo. And yeah, the twist ending was heart wrenching.
Not up on all my Marvel Lore (I am a DC guy), the Hydra villain, is he from the comics??? The only big Three Hydra baddies I know are Red Skull, Baron Strucker and Zemo.... ?

That was a Quinjet, right??? The future Avengers plane! Cool!

What was that blue thing in the box Carter closed so quickly? Is it the alien they used to save Coulson?
First off, that ending had me like:

[Image: glass-case-emotion-anchorman.gif]

Secondly, I kinda love how after spending nearly a season building up Mike Peterson's progression into Deathlok, this premiere just went "screw it, give 'em Absorbing Man!" Overall, this premiere feels a lot tighter than season 1, and I'm really digging Lance Hunter, aka, the "not a big picture" guy [SPOILER]who survives the car crash at the end[SPOILER/], and I look forward seeing how he operates with the rest of the group.
Okay, I'm a bit late, but I gotta say last week's ep (with the ice dude) was great, probably the show's best yet! Damaged torturer Fitz was seriously unexpected, in a good way, and the whole thing was tense and better-written than most of what's come before. As for Chloe Bennett, I don't think she's improved; I think her writing has (not that I ever blamed her for her character's blah-ness, but it is good to see her getting darker). My only nitpick was I'm not sure Simmons would really have woken up with a smile on her face given her day-to-day life. Maybe she was dreaming about me... :-)
Another really good episode. So far, this season has been great. Not many shows have this kind of quality leap between seasons. Reminds me a lot TNG's third season compared to the first two. They really know what works now.
Fun episode but not as strong as the previous ones.
And I think the whole dance bit fizzled rather than sizzled. I mean could they pick a worst piece of music for that scene? lol
Find it very interesting that Fitz, the one character I wish got axed at the end of season 1, is now becoming my favorite character. Then again, I can really relate to the words never coming out the right way when talking to people, as well as wanting to prove myself. Really love the ending, too, where he's having a drink with Hunter and Mac. Though, if I can be a might snarky, not sure it's wise for the brain-damaged guy to be drinking beer.

Also like how Whitehall apparently said to Raina "you are NOT dicking us around with long drawn out mystery crap anymore," since apparently we'll see Skye reunite with her father. Also, wonder if Coulson's going to die this season.
Wow, lots and lots of plot going on this season. Every episode has advanced some aspect of the overall arc in some way or another. No filler in sight. No new episode next week, but I'm up for that Marvel documentary. And Agent Carter looks to be of similar quality. Just might have to invest in a streaming plan if the other Marvel shows are like this.
Theory time....

The alien writing is a map of a city.

My first thought was Atlantis. But I am not clear if Marvel currently has the rights to Namor/Atlantis???

Plus, we are dealing with aliens... presumedly Kree. And there have been rumblings Marvel wants to introduce THE INHUMANS to their verse.

So I am going to guess the map is to Attilan.
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