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Full Version: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
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Very good season ender. I applaud them not going the traditional everyone left in jeopardy cliffhanger... I so hate and tire of those. Nice tie up of the main season story arc while planting seeds for season two.

But did the Garrett ending seem a little weird and out of place? Wouldn't have the authorities taken Garrett's dead body away? Why was he left behind with a single lab coat? It seemed the whole scene was created just for the joke pay off. While funny, it made no sense to me.
It did seem a little odd. I was like, "what is that still doing here?" but it felt right for the show. My buddy and I were sitting there watching it, thinking "damn, interesting season 2 setup" and NOPE. Great moment.
My absolute favorite part was when

Nick Fury reveals he considers Coulson an AVENGER!!!! AWESOME!!!
Great season ending.

It seemed to me that Garrett's demise at the end was set up by Coulson. Coulson didn't just stumble on Garrett resurrecting himself, he had placed Garrett there and waited until the most ironic moment in which to execute him. It also seemed to me that he was covering for himself by pretending to discover the weapon he had supposedly gone into the room for.
Watched this last night. It was the first episode that had watched on the same night it had aired. Had been binge watching the entire series pretty much to do so. And have to say that I am really proud of Season 1. Really looking forward to Season 2.

And yeah Bob, that was definitely one of my favorite moments as well. And it's actually true as well. Now, it's time for rebuilding of SHIELD. Smile
I'm so happy that

Ward was still bad at the end, Tripp was left alone to continue on into the next season, Deathlok has been redeemed, and Fury considers Coulson an Avenger and a fitting person to rebuild SHIELD as its new director

The only part I rolled my eyes at and maybe had a little groan was

seeing Patton Oswalt popping up again
Didn't like him that much to begin with and kind of thought it would be a one off appearance.

While it did feel a little lackluster, it had a lot of great moments and I truly hope that the show continues on in the vein of the post Cap 2 episodes.
Wow, what a nice episode. I really loved The Noisemaker.
Eh, I liked most of it, but since I don't watch a lot of TV, I don't know if its the norm for plot points to be unresolved until the next season. I'm so used to movies telling a singular story that the fact that this show

let Raina and Quinn escape with the gravitonium and didn't reveal the nature of the blue alien or Skye's powers
was really jarring to me. That said, major props to the scene where Jemma and Fitz are talking about death at the bottom of the ocean. The dialogue in that scene reminded me a lot of the end of Angels in America. Kudos.

Also, called it about Fitz, somewhat. Doesn't seem he's going to be part of the cast much next season.

Also, funny tidbit I read in a recap about this episode.

Bob Chipman Wrote:It says some interesting things about the way fandom approaches different "types" of characters that Skye was so universally trashed as a "Mary Sue" that the show actually had to reference it... while Coulson's entire arc from Avengers to this episode has been having the A-Listers of the Marvel Universe repeatedly tell him how awesome he is and how they all want to be his friend. Just sayin.
A mostly good ep, though I'm not quite sure why F&S tried to escape the pod in the first place, given that they'd already established they'd be in the middle of a watery nowhere with no one looking for them. Faced with such a situation, I'd be much more concerned about boning, myself. (And I'm not talking Fitz's broken arm! Hey-yo! :-P) Would've been much better if they'd decided to bone and then been contacted via radio by Fury, and then it'd be too awkward to. I guess that wouldn't have achieved the plot point of severely messing Fitz up, but really... what was his big plan? To give his lady the honor of getting eaten by a shark without one last climax? And I'm not talking about the end of an episode. Hey-yo! Okay, I'll stop now.
Good ol' AV Club commentariat, on the casting of Adrianne Palicki on a role in the show:

[Image: ?di=814085424352]
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