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Full Version: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
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I think the best thing for this series is to keep Ward bad and either kill him off or make him a reoccurring villain. I've read a few theories that he could end up being treated like Angel (Buffy) where he'd spend copious amounts of time trying to atone for his sins. At this point, I certainly don't have an interest in that. I'm really liking Tripp and the team is gelling better than ever now. A rogue SHIELD team cleaning up the messes of HYDRA. Now that is entertaining! The espionage and plot twists lately are what I've been hoping this show would be like. Now if they can keep it going and fix the error of their ways pre-Cap 2, I'll certainly be along for the ride. Of course, a lot rides on what happens in the final 2 episodes.
That is for sure. I'd rather him die than pull an Angel or whatever. He is great as he is now.
Whedon does love redemption stories. But my bet is Deathlok will join the team in season two.
As for Ward, either kill him or make him a full on recurring super-villain.
So... remember Agent Koenig's Desert Island question? I can't help but wonder if that was actually foreshadowing.

Really hope that Ward either dies, or they forgo his redemption in the future and winds up as a total bastard.
There is no way that false ceiling would have supported their weight for zip lining.... just saying... :-P:lol:

Good episode otherwise! Big Grin
I really enjoyed the episode. The file transfer line was a nice Coulson-esque touch. I have to say that I wonder if Ward dropped Fitz and Simmons knowing full well they have a way to survive in the pod (but deep down I am hoping he really is a sadistic killer and was intentionally trying to kill them).

Since Cap 2 and the downfall of SHIELD, I have honestly been excited week to week waiting to see the next episode. Here's hoping we get a great finale and a possible season 2 that keeps with the tone this latter part of the season has set.
It would be really great if Simmons died. Fitz has been so sure that Ward is still good that having him be faced with Simmons' death at Ward's hand would be great.
I prefer Fitz to die. Other than him being my least favorite outside of pre-heel turn Ward, Jemma is much stronger character, whereas Fitz is dependent on her. Fitz can't live without Simmons, but Simmons can live without Fitz. Besides, Jemma and Trip have much more chemistry. Big Grin
True. I do like Trip/Jemma...
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