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Full Version: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
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And Agent May's mom tried to kill James Bond. Or assisted in faking his death. They were vague and inconsistent on that point. Still. She's either MI6 or SPECTRE. Hydra doesn't stand a chance either way.

Damn...did NOT see that end coming. I really like how this episode escalated in scale, but seriously, that
Yeah... I totally got goosebumps! Excellent episode!

oh.... what is a Man-Thing! great toss away line! Smile
And was that

Nick Fury's elevator-operating .22 Magnum-packing grandfather at the cemetery?
[Image: Bmf_OebCEAAR3zI.jpg]

Yes. Yes! YES!!!
Nic Wrote:[Image: Bmf_OebCEAAR3zI.jpg]

Yes. Yes! YES!!!

My memory's failing me. Who is that, again? Taskmaster, is it?
Yes, that is Taskmaster. If that is Ward, that'd be fantastic. Really interesting character Taskmaster is.
A few of my friends think that Ward might turn out to be a good take on The Punisher.
I highly doubt he would turn out to be The Punisher. I say it's 50/50 whether he is just an original character created to be a double agent or a more obscure character that non-Marvelites (such as me who only knows A and B list characters) don't quite know (such as Taskmaster). I'm more of a DC guy as it is, but I do like where this show has been going since the episodes post-Cap 2.
The lead into and post-cap 2 eps have been the best of the series, and I'm really enjoying them. And Skye earned some major likability points from me when she attacked Ward. I just really really hope they aren't leading to some reluctant redemption. Ugh.
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