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Full Version: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
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That was a great episode!

...aside from the rape...
^ I've been watching so much Dollhouse lately I didn't even notice it. :-P

Also pretty sure a male agent intentionally clocking a female agent wouldn't be played for laughs. Oh well, a solid ep indeed...
Be advised that tonight's Marvel Universe special has a pretty big spoiler for The Winter Soldier that they'd otherwise avoided in the trailers thus far. Consider yourself warned.
Now that was an episode. First truly great one of the series, as far as I'm concerned.

I think May's innocent. Or at least, really working directly for Fury, and not the Clairvoyant - and that he/she is manipulating SHIELD into tearing itself apart. Also... that ending. Wow. It's shameless cross-promotion, but Marvel does it better than anybody.
So, tonight's episode...

So yeah, it was good. I actually got a little pissed that the stinger was just a sneak peek at Cap 2, which is saying a LOT.
DEPARTMENT[SIZE=3] H[/SIZE]!!!!! :canada::canada:

Seriously, absolutely the BEST episode so far this season, and the teaser for next week looks amazing!

Now bring on ALPHA FLIGHT! lol
bionicbob Wrote:DEPARTMENT[SIZE=3] H[/SIZE]!!!!! :canada::canada:

You know they would have worked in a Weapon X reference in there if they had the rights.
No, that wasn't as good an ep as "The Asset", "Eye Spy", "Tracks" or "Yes Men". As a single piece, it wasn't even that good. But, of course, it isn't a single piece; it's a transition ep. And I agree, it's obvious May is working for Fury, not Hand.
So if you have not seen CAPTAIN AMERICA: WINTER SOLDIER yet, you better hurry up, as the events will connect back directly to the next episode of Agents of SHIELD.

This may explain why there have been so many reruns of the series so early on, they could not let the series get ahead or reveal the big changes happening to the Marvel Cinemaverse.
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