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For those in the UK, Virgin Media launched a new digital TV channel this week (153 on Sky), and starting with the pilot tonight they are showing every episode of Deep Space Nine.

I used to love this show and got totally sucked in by the whole Dominion War plot but for some reason or another stopped watching during the 5th season so I'm really looking forward to this journey.

So if you're new to the best Star Trek show to ever be made, or just wanna relive some classic episodes, then hop on and enjoy the ride with me.....
dude, i?m totally with you. that was great tv entertainment. it definitely hit it when worf entered the game. that was like seven of nine for voyager... i never liked the bajorians or however those funny earring borenuts where called...

the dominion blew it except for the cheesy in between episodes. you will definitely like the rest of the episodes...
looking forward to it, altho if i remeber right theres a lot of rubbish episodes in those first 2 seasons
episode 2 was last night (Emissary pt. 2), and knowing whats to come, I love the way the Odo mentions he was found in the area of the wormhole and has no idea where he's from or who his people are. A nice bit of foreshadowing that shows the writers had the bigger picture in mind from the start
For Freeview viewers, Virgin 1 is on ch 20.
last nights episode - 'A Man Alone'

pretty standard mystery fare...knew straight away that the bajoran would die and Odo would get blamed. Then fell asleep!!
Tonights episode, 1.4 - Babel

Synopsis: "During a crisis involving the replicators, the station's crew is afflicted with an airborne virus causing aphasia. Everyone talks nonsense until Bashir realizes that the virus was engineered by a Bajoran terrorist attempting to sabotage the formerly Cardassian station, and tracks down the people who can create an antidote."

again, pretty average, just had a look through a trek site's episode guide n it looks like I've gotta wait a while to get to the good stuff
daveytod Wrote:again, pretty average, just had a look through a trek site's episode guide n it looks like I've gotta wait a while to get to the good stuff

the real stuff starts with season 4. although season 3 has its moments since the dominion is introduced.

Wait until ?Way of the Warrior? is aired... We are getting less boring bajorans as well...
I remember Way Of The Warrior...thats da shit right there
1.5 'Captive Pursuit'

Synopsis: "Deep Space Nine becomes the site of a struggle between the captive Tosk, bred to be hunted, and the race which pursues them for sport. O'Brien helps Tosk escape against Sisko's direct orders, but security is notably slow in pursuing him."

The best episode since the pilot, with the ugliest dabo girl ever in the opening scene Big Grin
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