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Ever since they announced the new Bionic Woman series last year, I have been waiting with great fear and anticipation. As my online name suggests, I have a great love for the bionic mythology. Confusedmile:

Well, the pilot premiered the other night and I was left with very mixed feelings.

This is definitely not your childhood Bionic Woman. Other than the same name, practically everything else is different. Jaime Sommers in not a former tennis pro turned school teacher. Now, she is a college drop out who works in a bar and is raising her little sister.

There is no OSI. No Oscar Goldman. No Dr. Rudy Wells. No bionic sound effects. And definitely, no Col. Steve Austin. :-(

The casting is strong and the effects and action are very well done. But the story left me wanting....

The pilot just felt waaaaayyyyyyy too rushed. It almost felt like they edited a 2 hour movie into 45 minutes and left all the character development on the cutting room floor. No real time is taken to get know or care about the characters. It is introduce hero and badguy, cut to horrible car accident, cut to bionic surgery, cut to escape after surgery, cut to final bionic showdown. It is as if the pilot suffered from A.D.D.

The fact that the surgery and recovery takes only ONE DAY and Jaime is fully functioning, really bothered me. Who knew the original Bionic Woman would seem more realistic?!?!? Confusedhock:

But they introduced alot of interesting subplots (maybe too many, thus detracting from the development of the characters), so the series could have potential. Often many of my favorite series had weak pilots and the series became stronger over the first season. Hopefully this is the case here.

Did you watch the pilot? What did you think??????? :-?
no i didn't watch it because it looked dumb

i guess i'll have to reconsider?

Peter von Frosta

Miss Sackoff is in it, that's a positive aspect Wink
But then the lead looks like Jennifer Garner, which is never good...
I would say check out a couple of episodes, hopefully the series will improve though I have read online there have been some off stage trouble and one of the head writers left the series already.... might not be good sign. Also, read they are doing some retooling of the show and adding new cast members.... again this could be bad or good. :-o

But I really enjoyed executive producer David Ecks re-imagining of Battlestar Galactica (btw, several Galactica alumni make appearances in the pilot), it is one of best dramas now on tv (imo) but it had a very slow start too. :-)

And as I mentioned before, the cast seems strong and the subplots introduced may have some interesting potential.

Still.... give me Lee Majors and Linsday Wagner anyday of the week. I LOVED the original series! Big Grin

BTW, I lOVE Jennifer Gardner! ALAIS rocked! Well, atleast season 1-4 did, season 5 was a major let down.
This says it all:
DoctorM Wrote:This says it all:

Yeah, i would have to agree, that is pretty good summary.
Still I am hopefull it may improve... maybe. :o
Yeah, it didn't blow me away, but it was decent. I kind of look forward to seeing what happens next, so I will be tuning in. I think it'll be a show that kind of grows on me, instead of me instantly loving it. Heroes kind of did that. The first few episodes, as I recall, were good...but not jaw dropping. I kind of only kept watching because I was curious. Good thing I stuck around, because it got really good. So I hope BW does something along these lines. I don't expect it to be as good as Heroes, though.
ok i tamed the demon and watched this...

i'd give it a C+/B-. it was entertaining but the characters were annoying and thin. it just didn't make much sense...

why would they invest all their resources in her because of the doctor? why would she be such a bitch about it? how is she such a badass all the sudden? etc. etc.
So the first bionic woman, with full bionic arms and legs, both eyes and chest, wants to kill the doctor behind the tech and she decides to... ram him with a truck and then not check if he's dead or not? WTF? but then she uses a high power rifle later in the same episode? what about just ripping his head off with her bare hands?
The writers must have just watched the movie SINGLES since the same car accident happens there and she also loses the baby.
Acting is horrible, dialogue is saturday morning cartoon, the bionic woman runs like a chick. could those high heel girlie boots really take speeds up to 60mph? doubt it.
And in the final fight, could a human arm block an attacking bionic arm? doubt it.
It just shows me how brilliant the original series was. i don't want to see some fake speed up effect because it never looks real.
the slow motion effect always gave the impression of grace, power and speed.
who knew?
Just watched the second episode.... and it is not getting any better.

The lead actress Michelle Ryan (???) just has no appeal whatsoever.

There was a HUGE continuity blunder in the episode. And I do mean HUGE!!!! The whole subplot revolves around this town called Paradise which has been quaritined by the government. It is on the news constantly on the tvs in the background from the beginning of the episode. Turns out the whole town is mysteriously dead (shades of SMDM episode "Population Zero").

After Jaime's doctor boyfriends funeral and some attempted stupid drunk bar sex((with a guy named STEVE??), Jaime rescues a woman attempting suicide from jumping off building. After some soul searching (or was that feeling sorry for herself), decides to join the spy game. After THREE DAYS of training (this was stated as fact by her new supervisor in the episode) on how to use her bionics, they send Jaime and a doc into Paradise to investigate.

So here is the STUPIDLY HUGE CONTINUITY ERROR... So up to this point according to the episode, Paradise was quaritined at the very beginning of the episode, there was the funeral and the whole Jaime training period, so lets say 3 to 5 days have elapsed... well, when they get to Paradise they discover one lone survivor, except now according to the survivor and what the spy doc says, it has only been one day! :?


Did I miss something or misinterpret something? Please correct me if I am wrong....
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