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Full Version: Zombieland TV Series
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Here is the trailer for the Pilot:

It Sucks.
Doesn't look too bad, but would be much much better if they had the same cast as the film.
Looks weirdly cheap, like they haven't even color-timed it. Smells like a fail...
looks incredibly tacky, cheesy and overall not that funny. Gaith had it correct -- I see it as a major fail
kinda looks like some collegehumor short with lookalikes that aren't really lookalikes
This looks terrible.... cheap and unfunny.... a trailer is suppose to MAKE you WANT to watch something, not avoid it...:-P
Now the good news. It will be on Fox and it will get cancelled after 12 episodes.
Fox thought it was animation.
just watched the first episode on amazon and while i agree the trailer made the show look terrible it's not that bad. bit of a slow start but picks up towards the end and at only 26mins it's worth checking. i'd give it a solid 7/10
I'd be generous giving the pilot a 2/10 I think, and that's only for a slightly amusing opening, and for Wichita being kind of cute.
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