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Full Version: In The Flesh (BBC Zombie mini-series)
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In The Flesh is a BBC produced mini-series that has just concluded in the UK.

In short, this is set sort of post-zombie-apocalypse, where now, zombies (or rotters) can be treated with a drug that restores their higher brain functions and effectively returns them to normal(now seen as sufferers of Partially Deceased Syndrome(PDS)). After some amount of counselling, they are returned to their families, complete with makeup and contact lenses to 'fit in'.

This doesn't sit well with smaller communities and particularly the HVF (Human Volunteer Force), who eradicated the threat to begin with .

Whilst I slightly mourned the loss of the British version of Being Human(Although to be fair, this declined after about the 2/3 seasons), this 3 episode slot replacement was more than I could have asked for. With well-realised, developed characters and an intriguing plot - this series is an interesting and fresh take on the zombie genre. The totally desaturated look, combined with all elements of isolation, prejudice, religious intolerance, discrimination and mob rules mentality made this a great watch. Whilst our central protagonist himself is a zombie, brain eatin', mindless slumbering is not the central running theme here. In fact, those particular 'wild' zombies are actually more functional it would seem.

It was left very open ended - one hopes that the BBC will follow this up with a full series, I totally receommend this to anyone.

More viral clips that I didn't even realise the BBC had done :

It's also got Kenneth Cranham in it which can't be bad. Ta for the heads up as I saw the trailers but wasn't sure it would actually be any good. Looks like I'm going to be taking a break from my Breaking Bad rerun.
Looks like an iPlayer job. This sounds quite interesting, and could be enjoyable.